Are You An Executive Who Wants To Make A Higher Impact While Feeling Alive At Work?

I'm a Neuroscience-based Executive, Leadership and Career Coach and my job is to show you how your brain functions so that you will succeed faster.

It’s not an understatement to say that my work with Bruna was life-changing. I was immediately impressed with her science-based approach to helping me understand how my brain functions and how this was keeping me stuck in my career.

Matthew Ekroth – Executive Director at Morgan Stanley & Co.

Most Innovative Science-Based Coaching And Training Approach
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"The key to sustainable high performance is to bring who you are into what you do".


Neuroscience-based Executive, Leadership and Career Coach, PCC

I'll show you how to make the correct use of your brain 

Working together, you'll benefit from the latest Positive Psychology and Neuroscience findings turned into clear language and actionable strategies so you will:

  • Understand how you function and make the correct use of yourself.  
  • Feel like receiving a long overdue brain instruction manual that will make you thrive.
  • Move faster and more consciously towards your goals.

My neuroscience-based coaching approach works because it is


You'll receive frameworks, plans, templates and concrete tools to optimise your time and energy in daily life. 


Our time will be focused on the solution, we won't talk much about the problem. Our way is forward, all the time.


We focus on facts instead of perception, using research-based and proven strategies to achieve your goals.

Together, we can:

improve your impact as a leader

Develop Human Leadership and help your team thrive



Read my case studies

Read my case studies to get an idea of what it is like to work with me and what you can achieve through my neuroscience-based coaching and training approach.

Bruna’s distinctive executive coaching approach combines strong leadership aptitude with cutting edge psychology and neuroscience. I strongly endorse Bruna to anyone who wants to significantly improve their executive skills.

Allan Solomon

Senior Regional Sales Director, EMEA at National Instruments Corporation

I cannot thank Bruna as my coach as she helped me look at problems differently, expand my knowledge, and grow my leadership toolkit. Not only did our sessions educate me on the latest research, but Bruna also provided me with techniques to improve communication and set the stage for positive interactions.

Paul Townsend

Vice Commander at US Department of the Air Force

I’m not new to coaching, but I have never come across a better coach than Bruna. She has such a depth of knowledge into how the brain works, and I think this is what makes her such an effective coach. 

Ciarae Schumann

Director, Customer Success Enablement at Salesforce


The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your ideal client?

I work with senior professionals usually working in finance, banking, law and tech. They reach out to me to help them think, act and lead better in their career and in their life too.

How long is a session? HOW OFTEN DO WE MEET?

Usually the first session lasts 90 minutes and the following lasts 60 minutes. However, I'm less interested in time and much more focused on achieving results, so the session may end a few minutes later so I highly recommend to always leave a buffer after our meetings. 
I generally meet my clients weekly or bi-weekly, but ultimately it is up to them to book the session when they're ready to move on.

when are you available?

Working globally I provide my clients with availability from 8am till 8pm to respond to different time zones needs. 

can my company hire you to train my team or speak at an event?

Yes, this happens quite often as my methods, frameworks and tool prove immediately beneficial to my clients and they want to share it with their teams. Just give them my email address and we'll take it from there. 

how else do you help between sessions?

I work with teams, peer groups and students as I lecture in an international business school. I'm also writing a book on how to feel alive at work and run neuroscience-based masterclasses and workshops open to anyone. They're advertised on my website in the masterclasses page

what can you help me with?

I can help you in many different ways. On a personal level I can help you rediscover who you are, how you function and how to make the best decisions for yourself. I can also help you change unconstructive behaviour and buils better habits. The list is too long to be summarised so I'd invite you to have a look at this page and then book a taster session to discuss your needs and see how I can help. 


Stay Human, Feel Alive at Work and Thrive.

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