BRUNA DE PALO Central London or Skype      +44 (0) 745 0804523
BRUNA DE PALO Central London or Skype      +44 (0) 745 0804523
Life Coach London

I'm Bruna De Palo,
and I'm wondering...

Life Coach London

...simply put, I close that gap.

And how do you want
to feel tomorrow? do you
feel today?

I’m a Life Coach and I help you Think & Act differently,
so you can Turn Your Stuckness Into Movement
and make significant changes in your life.

TED bring who you are into what you do

Soon you can watch my
TED Talk on Career Change
“Bring who you are
into what you do”

Do you feel you could do more, give more, get more from your life/career and yet you’re always stuck at the same point…? You’re in good hands!
I’m an Italian Life Coach working in London (and worldwide via Skype) and I turn inspiring concepts into practical, actionable steps that help you change career, change your self-image, and everything that keeps you stuck.
You’ll learn to Think & Act differently, so that you stop beating yourself up, procrastinating, self-doubting and joyfully make significant changes in your life. With fun!

My work is based on the latest research in Logotherapy (search for meaning in one’s life), Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, and I turn all that into simple language and actionable strategy you can implement straight away.

Life Coach Skype

I’m the proud host of
“9 to Alive”
a truly exciting Career Change YouTube series!

9 to alive

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You and I, Moving Forward, Together

Life Coach London

Where Shall We Start?

(Side effects include Increased Joy!)

1 to 1 Coaching

Whether you want to change your career, or make any other change in your life, get a real breakthrough working with me on a 1 to 1 basis.

Watch "9 to Alive"

Life Coach Skype

Get inspired to turn your 9 to 5 into “9 to Alive“. Take actions that lead you to a truly fulfilling career and bring YOU back to life.

Talks & Workshops

Come to my Talks & Workshops: join hundreds that have had fun while learning how to get out of their comfort zone and achieve more.

Read the Blog

Learn how to build mental & emotional strength from the inside out, so you can make the change you need to shine brightly.

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What My Clients Say

Bruna showed me how strong I am

Ilaria Cascone

Meeting Bruna was a blessing to me and the decision of starting this journey with her has been… Read more “Bruna showed me how strong I am”

Ilaria Cascone

An intense and highly rewarding process

I feel capable of turning my vision into reality. Instead of feeling trapped in a cage, I now feel that… Read more “An intense and highly rewarding process”


I think she is just brilliant!

Chiara D'Anna

Bruna is a sort of wizard! She can transform your life …she certainly transformed mine. With just a… Read more “I think she is just brilliant!”

Chiara D'Anna

It has been a wonderful

Sunil Patel

It has been a wonderful journey to work with Bruna. She is always, consistently excellent with her approach and this is demonstrated in her passion for bringing out the best in you. She has always been on hand to provide the right advice at the right time, and has kept pushing you beyond your comfort… Read more “It has been a wonderful”

Sunil Patel

What would you do, if you had NOTHING holding you back?