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9 to alive

What? 9 to Alive” is a  brand new YouTube program with everything you need to find a career you’re truly passionate about.

Why? To explore with you what it takes to leave the monotony of your old job behind and start a career where YOU make the difference.

Who? Me, you and the DreamTeam at CharityJob 9 to Alivethe UK’s no. 1 job site for the non-for-profit sector. Plus all the amazing people we’re going to interview to inspire and encourage you to take actions!

When? Every other Thursday (join my newsletter so you won’t miss any!)

So grab a cup of tea, sit comfy, watch our episodes… and get prepared to turn your 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive!


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Duration 3’12”

Playlist - How to Change Your Career at Any Age

Here’s all you need to know to change your career at 30, 40 and even 50!
Because it’s never too late to bring who you are into what you do.

Animals Asia
Click to watch (9'20")

How would you like to make a difference in the world? How could you turn your skills and passions into a force for good, and get paid for that? In this interview with Jo Dunsford from Animals Asia you’ll learn all that!

Italian Executive Coach
Click to watch (5'38")

Interested in working for a charity or non-profit? Well, there’s more to it than you might think, which is why we wanted to give you an overview of what working in the sector is really like.

Italian Life Coach in London Skype
Click to watch (5'36")

Do you already have your own 5-year career plan? In this miniseries, we take a closer look at how you could build a plan that will lead you to a 9 to Alive career! You’ll love it!

Click to watch (5'04")

Here’s part 2 of the miniseries on creating a 5-year career plan. Here I debunk the misconception that career development is just about your skills; it’s really about aligning who you are with what you do.

Italian Life Coach in London
Click to watch (4'36")

Now that you’ve learned the ‘why’ and what’s available for you out there, it’s time to focus on the ‘how’. Learn the steps involved in making a plan and how to ensure your personal and professional growth.

Ikhlaq Hussein Orphans In Need
Click to watch (1'25")

What’s it like to work as a fundraiser in a non-profit organisation? And what is it about fundraising that makes people proud of the work they’re doing? Check out my bite-sized interview with Ikhlaq Hussein from Orphans In Need!

what to do when you are unhappy at work
Click to watch (3'17")

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that your job isn’t quite right for you? In this episode, I help you pinpoint why your job makes you unhappy and how to start examining what you want from your next career.

Imran Khalil Interview - Italian Life Coach London
Click to watch (15'57")

Imran Khalil turned his passion into a full-time career, founding The Fighting Chance, a community interest company that provides employability training for disadvantaged people in the labour market through sport and boxing. Find out more about Imran’s journey and how he left a government job to pursue his passion.

Most Common Fears All Career Shifters Have
Click to watch (4'22")

What’s the most common fear that career shifters share when looking to switch roles? Check out this episode to find out, and discover why it’s not something you should be letting stand in the way of you and change.

New episodes every other Thursday... watch this space!

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