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“9 to Alive” episodes

Turn your 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive

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Welcome to 9 to Alive, a YouTube series I’ve created to help you turn your 9 to 5 job into a 9 to Alive career that brings YOU back to life by making a positive impact in the world.

By working with clients who are stuck in unfulfilling 9 to 5 jobs, I’ve realised how little people know about the fulfilling opportunities the non-profit sector offers. And being hugely passionate about it myself, I’ve had lots of fun sharing all I know and interviewing career shifters whose stories will certaintly inspire you too!

So grab a cup of tea, sit comfy, scroll down… and get prepared to turn your 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive!

Watch the Episodes

Watch the latest 9 to Alive episode – 19/12/2019:
Interested In Campaign Work? Here’s What It’s Really Like

Ever wondered what’s the job of a Campaigner? What does exactly “Campaigning” mean and what tasks does it involve? Enjoy it!

Let’s get organised! The episodes are divided in main 4 topics:

  • Career Change – 9 episodes
  • Moving from Corporate to Non-Profit – 10 episodes
  • How to write the applications for the non-profit sector – 4 episodes
  • Inspiring Careers that make a positive impact in the world – 11 episodes

Scroll down and enjoy them!
New episodes will go live every 1st and 3rd Tursday of the month. Watch this space!

…and You?
You, too, want to turn your 9 to 5 into a career that makes the difference in the world? Let’s find your ideal path in non-profit, charities, social enterprises and NGOs.
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Career Change

Feeling stuck in your career, and have no idea why? The ‘Ikigai’ concept will help you find the right direction for you.

Michelle obama becoming career change

Why Michelle Obama left her high-paying job as a lawyer for a 9 to Alive career in non-profit? Becoming taught us a lot!

Michelle Obama career change part 2

Following Michelle Obama’s journey, what actions can you take to find a job that ‘feels like destiny’?

what to do when you are unhappy at work

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that your job isn’t quite right for you? Learn how to examine what you want from your next career.

Italian Executive Coach

Interested in working for a charity or non-profit? Here’s an overview of what working in the sector is really like.

Most Common Fears All Career Shifters Have

What’s the most common fear that career shifters share when looking to switch roles? Learn how to get it out of your way.

Italian Life Coach in London Skype

Have you already built your 5-year career plan that will lead you to a 9 to Alive career? Nope? Let’s do it together. 

How to Build a 5-Year Career Plan | Part II, 5’04”

5-year plan: let’s debunk the misconception that career development is just about your skills; it’s-about-who-you-are!

How to Build a 5-Year Career Plan | Part III, 4’36”

Italian Life Coach in London

5-year plan: time to focus on the ‘how’. Learn the steps involved in making a plan that to enables your growth.

Did you know that volunteering can help give you the expertise and experience you need to get your foot in the door?

Moving from Corporate to Non-Profit

How to Move From Corporate to Non-Profit

Moving from corporate to the non-profit sector? Let me show you how to get your foot in the door.

Yes, charities are careful about how they spend their money – So do charity employees get paid a full salary

How to pinpoint transferable skills and match your experience to the role you’re after? Learn how to tackle the fear of the experience gap.

Matt Saunders Charitbox

Switching from a corporate career to a job in non-profit? Then working for a social enterprise may just be the logical next step.

How did she go from a job in a law firm to a 9 to Alive career as an Engagement Officer in a charity?

Did you know ther’s a course designed to help you understand the complexities of working in the third sector? Learn more!

How to Write the Applications for Non-Profit

how to write a charity CV

How do you create a killer application that shows you’re the best person for the job? Learn what matter most for non-profits.

How to discover your Unique Value Proposition and convey it in a powerful cover letter?

Learn how to write a stellar summary, and what are the vital parts you can’t overlook in a charity application.

You’ve got the perfect CV and cover letter, but how do you translate all that into smart answers in an Online Application form?

Inspiring Careers that Make a Positive Impact

Animals Asia

How could you turn your skills and passions into a force for good, and get paid for that? Learn how Jo Dunsford did it! 

Imran Khalil Interview - Italian Life Coach London

How can you turn your passion, your motivation and your previous experience into an inspiring career that do good?

become a charity trustee

Great at thinking strategically? Familiar with meetings at board level? Then you’re the perfect Charity Trustee! Learn more. 

Ever wondered what a charity campaigner does? Let’s explore all the ins-and-outs of the job and what drives campaigners.

What’s it like to work as a Director of Partnerships in a charity that supports young lives faced with cancer? 

What’s it like to work as a Creative Curator in an arts charity for young people? how does this role would make you feel?

charity career

What’s it like to work as a Project Coordinator in an animal welfare charity? Does this role make a difference in the world? 

What’s it like to work as a Happiness Trainer for charities and communities? See how Sarit benefitted from changing career! 

What’s it like to work as a Trustee in a charity focused on promoting and improving diversity in the third sector?

Ikhlaq Hussein Orphans In Need

What is it about fundraising that makes people so proud of the work they’re doing? What’s so special about this job?

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