BRUNA DE PALO London, UK and Internationally      +44 (0) 745 0804523
BRUNA DE PALO London, UK and Internationally      +44 (0) 745 0804523

About Me

Who I Am

I’m Bruna De Palo, an Italian Leadership, Life & Career Coach, an International Speaker and, above all, a Change Maker. I’m from the most beautiful city in the world (yes, that’s Rome!) and I’ve been living in London since 2012. I’ve learnt that change IS possible on my own skin, out of necessity. Many times.

Albert Einstein wisely said:

Italian Leadership Coach londonWe can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.Italian Leadership Coach london

…and I took him literally! Due to my own (challenging – to say the least!) journey, I threw myself into countless hours of research and study until I mastered the ability to Think & Act differently… I loved it so much that I turned it into an empowering career.

Today, I bring all that I am into what I do: I’m a Change Maker and I help individuals and leaders Think & Act differently so that they can make significant changes in their businesses, lives and careers. And I love it!

Today, I help you Think & Act differently, so you can change career, attitude, habits, leadership style and all that keeps you stuck.

Bruna De Palo

ICF coach in LondonTrained at the most renowned school in the world, The Coaches Training Institute and The Coaching Academy, I’m a qualified Co-Active Coach®, NLP Practitioner and member of the International Coach Federation (obtaining the Professional Certified Coach  – PCC Credential).

My Vision & Mission

I believe that when you bring who you are into what you do, you shine, feel alive and make that positive impact in the world.
My mission is to help you bring your greatness out and let it shine, fearlessly, in any area of your life.

What's Important to Me

If You're Curious

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Only If You're Really Curious


Dear You,

I owe you the truth.
When you’ll be working with me, I’ll require you to be completely open, honest and authentic with me. But I won’t ask you to “trust me” just because it’s necessary. I need you to trust me because you “feel” you can do it, that it comes naturally to you.

So I’m sharing my story here with you so you know I’m open, honest and authentic with you too, and probably been where you are. 

Grab a cup of tea… here’s my story.

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Since I was born, I had to face the heartbreak of my mum’s overt narcissism. As every child of a narcissistic parent knows, that means you’re programmed to grow with zero self-esteem, zero boundaries and zero sense of self-worth. There’s no escape and I was no exception.

So my life it’s been pretty much a nightmare, but at the age of 15 the sun finally shone on me and blessed me with the most romantic boyfriend ever, who showed me what “love” is for the first time. What a joy! But it didn’t last long…

My mum proved fiercely against this relationship and a violent, extended and systematic emotional and psychological abuse overwhelmed the already-weak-me.
Unsurprisingly, I grew up with huge insecurities and a suffocating sense of helplessness.
And needless to say, I never dared to shine.

My plan was to resist the storm until I turned 18 so that I could get a job, leave that hell and build a life with him, where we could finally be free, in peace, and create the lovingly family we thoroughly longed for. That dream was so refreshing that gave me the strength to never give up in the toughest moments. Love really makes you stronger.

Until something rips it off from your hands with such cruelty that you barely stop breathing, and that strength becomes your grave.

I was only 19, broken and alone.

“Close your eyes, it’s not happening for real, try to sleep, tomorrow you’ll wake up and realise was just a nightmare“, I repeated to myself.
It was a nightmare, indeed.
But a real, true, cruel one.
It had a name too: “Brain cancer”.
One that left no chances to my boyfriend to survive.

Then years of darkness.
Break-down, Desperation. Breathless. Life = non-sense. Sense of guilt. Fear. Broken heart. Insecurities. Anger. Disbelief. Anger and anger again. Loneliness throughout.

Until I realised I was still alive. And so, at least, I was given a choice: “how do I want to live the rest of my life? as a victim?”

I certainly didn’t think I could ever be anything good in life, unlucky and broken as I was…, but I surely didn’t want to be a victim anymore. I refused that label with all my strength.

The time to blame life for my insecurities, lack of talent, fears, closure, negativity and pessimism had to come to an end. I owed it to him, ‘cause he showed me Love and positivity. And that meant the world to me.

Slowly I started to breathe again, taking full responsibility for who I was and where my life was heading to.
I looked into the only place where the change could happen: within myself.
And there, I discovered hidden resources I did even ignore I possessed.

Then my human revolution began.
Very shyly, I dared to shine.
And little by little, I arose from my ashes.
And gradually I turned my insecurities, anger, and darkness into an addictive, explosive desire to learn, to grow, to build, to experience, to stretch, to shine, to challenge, to help, to find meaning in every situation, to inspire and be inspired, to flourish and to feel-alive-no-matter-what. And I became unstoppable (that’s why I’m often named “Volcano” by friends and collegues).

And above all…. I learnt to “forgive”. Because doing my own human revolution, I realised my parents were human, too.
What I learnt in my own journey is that Life is what YOU make out of it. I’ll never forget that.

Back to us, I wanted you to know my story because:

1. if I’ll coach you, you know what I’ll bring on the table. Passion, knowledge, empathy, a thorough understanding of your emotions, a deep, burning desire to win, an inflexible commitment to turn your life into a masterpiece, and above all, the ability to teach you how to “Think & Act differently”.

2. if I managed to build, step-by-step, such level of self-esteem and confidence from less than zero, everyone can do it. No questions.

So here’s who I am: a very common human being who’s been smashed by life too early, and yet found within her-weak-self the courage to shine brightly. And who’s turned all her troubles into a burning desire to help others shine too.

That’s my mission, and I’m fully committed to that.

Yours sincerely,