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BRUNA DE PALO Central London or Skype      +44 (0) 745 0804523

About Me

Who I Am

I’m Bruna De Palo, a Life Coach, International Speaker Change Maker. Italian from head to toe (yessss, speaking with all those gestures and fun too!), living in London and talking with the rest of the world via “9 to Alive”, a YouTube series I designed to help people turn their 9 to 5 kind of job into a 9 to Alive career. 

The sad bit: life hasn’t been kind to me when I was most vulnerable. But between falling down or rising from my ashes, I surprisingly opted for the latter and managed, slowly, to turn my poison into medicine (more on that in the letter I wrote for you, below). Besides that, or perhaps because of that, I was stuck in the wrong career for a terribly long time, 17 years to be precise. The journey to completely change career has been long and tortuous and full of doubts. But the good bit is that walking that path, I learned a lot about “change”. So much that it turned me into a Change Maker, helping people like you making significant changes that make them shine.

Interview on career change
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Bruna De Palo
Today, I help you Think & Act differently,
so you can change career, attitude, habits, relationships and all that keeps you stuck.

Dear You,

Here's my story. Click here to read it.

I owe you the truth.
When you’ll be working with me, I’ll require you to be completely open, honest and authentic with me. But I won’t ask you to “trust me” just because it’s necessary. I need you to trust me because you “feel” you can do it, that it comes natural to you.

So I’m sharing my story here with you so you know I’m open, honest and authentic with you too. And you’ll know I’ve been where you are: stuck, frustrated, lost, full of doubts, confused.
And let’s be honest: would you fully trust someone who comes from a golden life? And so unable to deeply, truly, intensely empathise with your fears, sufferance, crushed stomach?

Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable…
I’m going to tell you my story and how I managed to build a strong woman out of an unlucky, desperate girl who’s been smashed by life too early.

You know how cruel life can be.
I discovered that at 15: I fell in love with the most romantic boyfriend ever, but while for the first time I enjoyed the pleasure of feeling loved and treasured, something hit my young life so violently that I could barely breathe.

My family was fiercely against the relationship, and so a storm of bad events overwhelmed us so much that not even Shakespeare could have written such complex and brutal script. Despite the clear perspective of a very bleak future, we decided to resist together and protect our Love.

Unsurprisingly, that led to 4 years of psychological battles and deprivations for me. Vulnerable and unstructured as I was at that age, I grew up with huge insecurities, deep anger and a suffocating sense of helplessness.
And needless to say, I never dared to shine. But he was there fighting “with” and “for” me, and that kept me alive.

Our objective was resisting until I’d turn 18, get a job, leave that hell and build a house together where we could finally be free, in peace, and create the lovingly family we thoroughly longed for.
That dream was so refreshing that gave me the strength to never give up in the toughest moments. Love really makes you stronger.

Until something rips it off from your hands with such cruelty that you barely stop breathing, and that strength becomes your grave.

I was only 19, broken and alone.

“Close your eyes, it’s not happening for real, try to sleep, tomorrow you’ll wake up and realise was just a nightmare“, I repeated to myself.
It was a nightmare, indeed.
But a real, true, cruel one.
It had a name too: “Brain cancer”.
One that left no chances to my boyfriend to survive.


Then years of darkness.
Break-down, Desperation. Breathless. Life = non-sense. Loneliness. Sense of guilt. Fear. Broken heart. Insecurities. Anger. Disbelief. Anger and anger again.

Until I realised I was still alive. And so, at least, I was given a choice.
“Bruna, who do you want to be? A victim for life? Or a victor?”
I certainly didn’t think I could ever be a victor in life, unlucky and broken as I was…, but I surely didn’t want to be a victim anymore.
I refused that label with all my strength.

The time to blame life for my insecurities, lack of talent, fears, closure, negativity and pessimism had to come to an end. I owed it to him.
And so I started to breathe again, and take full responsibility for who I was and where my life was heading to.
I started looking into the only place where the magic could happen: within myself.

And there, I discovered hidden resources I did even ignore I possessed.
I started using them, day by day, carrying on my own human revolution, slowly turning my own poison into medicine.

Very shyly, I dared to shine.

And little by little, I arose from my ashes.

And gradually I turned my insecurities, anger, and darkness into an addictive, explosive desire to learn, to grow, to build, to experience, to stretch, to shine, to challenge, to help, to find meaning in every situation, to inspire and be inspired, to flourish and to feel-alive-no-matter-what. I rebuilt a new life entirely on my own, in another city, far from the hell, far from the darkness.

And above all…. I learnt to “forgive”.
After 10 years of silence since I abruptly left the cage that suffocated my youth, I reopened the door to the people who, despite all, gave me life.
Because doing my own human revolution, I realised they’re human, too.

And then I became unstoppable (hence the nickname “Volcano”).
I set and won more challenges than I’d remember… and while I’m writing this, I can’t help but smile… thinking that haven’t I woken up and taken full responsibility for my life, I’d still moaning “how beautiful life would have been if only those things didn’t happen to me”.

Life is what you make out of it. I’ll never forget that.

Back to us, I wanted you to know my story because:

1. if I’ll coach you, you know what I’ll bring on the table. Passion, knowledge, empathy, a thorough understanding of your emotions, a deep, burning desire to win, an inflexible commitment to turn your life into a masterpiece, and above all, the ability to teach you how to “Think & Act differently”.

2. if I managed to build, step-by-step, such strong confidence from less than zero, everyone can do it. No questions.

So here’s who I am: a very common human being who’s been smashed by life too early, and yet found within her-weak-self the courage to shine brightly. And who’s turned all her troubles into a burning desire to help others shine too.

That’s my mission, and I’m fully committed to that.


My Passions

What I Think

Every day you spend only thinking instead of acting, is a day you could have lived feeling alive, balanced & fulfilled.
When you take control of your life, you literally create the time, space & the energy to do anything you set your mind to.
I’m the living proof of that.