Bruna De Palo

Neuroscience-based Executive & Team, PCC
Human Behaviour Expert, Keynote Speaker, Thinking Partner


"Understaning Human Behaviour is the top skills every leader should possess".

Working with Bruna has been nothing short of transformative.
Her coaching style is both effective and empowering, and I am incredibly grateful for the impact she has had on my life.

Desy Majo - CFO at Maccaferri North America

Keynote Speaker |  Thinking Partner


who is Bruna?

Just a human passionate about other humans. 

Hey, I'm Bruna, a Neuroscience-based Executive & Team Coach and Human Behaviour Expert, Founder of Think and Act differently Ltd and The Career Change Maker.
Senior executives come to when they feel stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled or when they need to level up their team's game.

Working with me, they better understand themselves and how they function, expanding their thinking, acting and leading capabilities to succeed in a people-centred business world. They say I'm good at this because I'm gifted at listening, empathising, connecting, reframing and explaining how brain dynamics impact human behaviour in simple, practical and memorable terms.

If you're an executive needing a change, hit the button below and let's get the ball rolling.

Why clients worlwide chose me

Because in a world that forces them to live as Human Doings, I help them Think, Act and Lead as Human Beings again. 

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Leading multicultural and multigenerational Teams | Mental Agility | Decision Making | Increasing Confidence | Imposter Syndrome | Team Empowerment | Creative Thinking | Intuitive Intelligence | Effective Communication | Conflict Management | Emotional Intelligence | Women Empowerment | Behavioural Change | Problem Solving | Stress Management | Coaching Skills for Leaders | Fulfilment & Purpose | Developing Charisma and Executive Presence

I'm an Italian Executive & Team Coach and Entrepreneur based in London and working worldwide with clients in finance, banking, tech and pharma in English and Italian, applying the highest standards in coaching.

Recognised as Platinum Coach by the world leading coaching organisation BetterUP based on clients' feedback.

Winner of the SME Award 2022"Most innovative science-based coaching and training approach"

  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC 
  • Co-Active® Coach
  • Della Leaders Club, Honorary Committee Member, Leadership Expert
  • Results Trained Coach at NeuroLeadership Institute
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation
  • Member of the British Neuroscience Association

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Trained At The Best Schools In The World

Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Course, 2020

Brain-based Coaching,Training Course, 2020

Neuroscience for Business, Course, 2020

Introduction to Psychology, Course, 2020

Co-Active Coaching, Training Course, 2015

Corporate and Executive Coaching, Training Course 2017

Positive Psychology, Course, 2018

Contemporary History and Politics, MA, 2014

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  • I coach executives and teams in EMEA, China and US in English and Italian
  • I deliver keynotes speeches at international conferences and kickoff meetings for global brands
  • I share my knowledge in a newsletter
  • I (currently) write a book on how to feel alive at work

Hey! Welcome on board. Here's something about me.

I was born in the most beautiful city in the world (yes, that's Rome) and have been living for over a decade in the most exciting (yes, that's London).

In 2019 I founded Think and Act differently Ltd where I now lead a team of top notch coaches focusing on supporting global leaders who are shaping the world in extraordinary ways – an experience that's simply priceless.

I'm honoured to partner with the NeuroLeadership Institute where I collaborate with world-class neuroscientists led by Dr David Rock who study how the brain works from a leadership perspective. I have the privilege of serving as a Guest Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, where I inspire post-graduates through dynamic presentations on a diverse range of topics, including Human Leadership, the intersection of neuroscience and human behavior, and the implementation of effective career development strategies.

If you're curious to learn more or just want to have a chat, get in touch.

Official Bio

Bruna De Palo is a London-based, Italian certified Neuroscience-based Executive and Team Coach with over 3000 hours of coaching experience. She coaches executives and teams from finance, banking, pharmaceutical, and tech giants, including Google, Meta, American Express, and more. Through her innovative neuroscience-based approach, she also teaches them how the human brain works in simple, practical, and tangible terms so that they can better understand what’s happening beneath the surface in themselves and others. Through her 1:1 and team coaching sessions, her clients learn how to decode human behavior, gaining a competitive edge in facing change and driving growth. If your job is to make a positive impact, hers is to help you make it faster by leveraging neuroscience.

Unofficial Bio


What does the customer get from buying your product or service.

  • Facts vs perceptions, actions vs inspiration
  • Brain understanding vs mind techniques
  • Measuring and tracking coaching results
  • We're meant to feel alive at work
  • Solution-focused vs problem-focused
  • Holistic approach that focuses on brain, body and spirit
  • Personalised approach/journey

To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?

  • 100% principles-based sessions
  • "Work is boring, but necessary"
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Preaching without walking the talk
  • Personality tests and statistics to understand yourself, I rather focus on increasing self-awareness
  • Coaching sessions purely questions-led

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