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James Klark

I've bought this voucher for my wife who was struggling to find a direction for her career: she came out of the session crystal clear of what she needs to do and it's a joy now to see her shine at work. I cannot thank Bruna enough for bringing her back to life!

Diane Tye

The exercises and practical tools have enabled me to focus on how to move forward and trust myself when identifying opportunities. There isn’t a day that goes past when I do not refer to something she has taught me. I have become less critical and a more forgiving human as an unexpected bonus!

Pierfrancesco Costantini

Bruna’s coaching methodology is very effective, it’s impressive with how much passion and deep empathy she can easily win the trust of the client and fully understand them, her professionalism and competence have a massive impact on the (quick and glaring) results. Bruna allowed me to achieve the goals I wanted with more than excellent results.