September 4, 2022 in English, Interview/Speech, Video/Webinar

TEDx: Bring Who You Are Into What You Do

TEDx Talk: Bring who you are into what you do

Description of the episode:

From losing the love of her life to a terminal disease to spending 17 years in a career she did not want, Bruna De Palo can teach us a thing or two about resilience. Reflecting on her career change journey, Bruna instils in us the idea that in order to be fulfilled at work, you need to bring who you are into what you do.

Bruna De Palo is an Executive & Team Coach in London, and as a successful career shifter, she knows how it feels being trapped in a “golden cage”, and how to disrupt that dynamic. By sharing her knowledge on LinkedIn and on her blog, she gives advice to those who would like to do more, give more and get more from their career. 

Known for her combination of creativity, energy and passion, she brings on stage her full “Italianness”, a mixture of fun and drama. She’s passionate about researching Contemporary History, and whilst now you can spot her hidden in some archive, before she could be seen on her motorcycle flying around the hills of Rome. 

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