1:1 Career Change

Official stats say that in the UK 1 in 4 people is unfulfilled at work, feeling like running in a rat race… meaning that we’re so focused on the doing that we forget our being.

But who are we?
Doings or Human Beings?

If you, too, feel trapped in the doing-race, the only way out is to re-learn who you truly are and choose a career path that honours your being, your assets, your values and everything you bring into the world.

And if you don’t know what they are, or feel overwhelmed by too many options, or scared by the lack of them, worried about a salary cut, terrified at the idea of restarting from scratch, you’re in the right place.

Through a science-based, 4-phase framework, you will move confidently to a meaningful career where you bring who you are into what you do and feel alive, fulfilled and on purpose.

The Career Change Framework
that helps you bring who you are into what you do
is a solid, step-by-step plan that equips you with the clarity, direction and confidence
to turn your 9 to 5 into a career that makes you feel alive. 

  • Discover who you are

    We uncover who your “being”, your gifts and purpose, developing the “inner compass” that will point us towards your ideal career path.

    • Uncover your belief system

      We get rid of the unhelpful mental models that keep you stuck and raise your self-image and find more resonant opportunities.

      • Find the right match

        We define the actions needed to find the positions where you can fully express your gifts and bring who you are into what you do.

        • Move into the future

          We work on your transition, being it a new personal brand/CV/LinkedIn profile or the exploration of a niche for an entrepreneurial journey.

        Includes neuroscience research-based tools, frameworks and workbooks that speed up the change and solidify your growth.  

        Bruna’s methods are very clear, mind-opening and easy to follow. If you are ready to embark in a fantastic journey inside yourself, fasten your seatbelts and get Bruna as your captain.
        Federico Sanavio – Business Design and Architecture leader for Digital Innovation and Transformation

        Clients who choose this package usually work in Tech, Finance, Banking, Retail and Luxury to add meaning to their salary and feel alive at work.

        What to expect:

        What does “fulfilment” mean to you? How would you define it?

        Working with dozens of unfulfilled professionals lacking purpose and meaning, I know that fulfilment is not about what you do, is about how you feel about what you do. That’s why we start with an inner journey uncovering who you really are, what triggers certain feelings, and your personal mission. It’s a delightful, deep and exciting experience in itself!

        As human beings, we feel fulfilled when we make use of our gifts (the “what”) to move towards our purpose (the “vision”) by honouring our authenticity (the “how”), so getting to know what “tools” you possess, what is your vision and what you value in life is a key part of this plan. We’ll uncover your “inner compass” that will show you the career path in which you can bring who you are into what you do and feel alive.

        On top of that, along the journey, you will raise your self-image, learn to make solid decisions that honour your authenticity and expand your perspective about your career and life.

        And if you’re looking for an Italian Career Coach in London, you’re in the right place. We can work in Italian too. 

        The Career Change Plan includes:

        * One 90-minute 1:1 sessions via Zoom
        * Eight 60-minute 1:1 sessions via Zoom
        Workbooks & Guides to facilitate your inner work between sessions
        * Researched-based Tools & Techniques to speed up the process
        * Unlimited Support via email/phone
        * My accountability for your actions

        Customised plans to fit your specific needs are available, too.
        Book a taster session to discuss it.  

        It is the right fit for you, if you:

        1) Feel trapped in a golden cage (salary, certainty, comfort)
        2) Have no idea what’s your life purpose
        3) Are clueless about what would be the right career for you
        4) Lack confidence, assertiveness and resilience about a career change

        What you’ll get:

        1) Uncover your gifts and purpose and find the ideal career path
        2) Focus, discipline and a solid transition plan
        3) Raise your self-image, confidence, assertiveness and resilience
        Your new personal brand (CV, LinkedIn) or identify your entrepreneurial niche

        I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bruna on my career change. Her expertise led me to a role as CEO in the charity sector, after 27 years with the same company/industry.
        Kimberly Fitch Tully – Interim Chief Executive Officer at Engaging Dementia

        TED Bring who you are into what you do

        Watch my Ted Talk career change  Talk to learn about my career change journey and how to achieve fulfilment at work:
        “Bring who you are into what you do”

        Career changers say

        • I had the pleasure of working with Bruna from March this year, and in a very short time, she completely changed the way I thought about myself, my career and what was important to me as a human being. The changes I have made since have driven me to step up in my career and home life to levels I wouldn’t have thought possible at the start of the year. I thoroughly recommend working with Bruna to anyone that feels stuck or looking to make significant changes in how they view their current career or life paths. Bruna’s fantastic knowledge and background in neuroscience, combined with her ability to quickly understand and identify my challenges in a personable manner, quickly made me realise what I was missing in life and the direction I really wanted to go. She introduced me to new ways I should interpret my thoughts and ideas that gave me clarity whilst framing the difference between being a human ‘doing’ and a human ‘being’. As I embark on the next step of my career in a new role which better fits the needs that Bruna help me uncover, I will definitely continue working with her in this next leg of my journey in life.

          Tom Ellis
          EMEA AWS Alliance Manager
        • Working with Bruna helped me grow, be more strategic, challenge myself, and assess the way I looked at my career and work. It was a truly worthwhile investment that will pay back itself many times over. I definitely recommend Bruna to someone considering a career change or someone looking to maximise their potential. Bruna’s non-judgemental, open-minded approach helped me look at my career and skill set from a new perspective.

          Freddy Alfred
          Business Analyst, Fintech, Financial Services
        • I started my journey with Bruna because I was in a moment of professional dissatisfaction, and I wanted to understand what was not working.
          The goal was to find out what were the skills and abilities that belonged to me in order to understand how to change/evolve my career.
          I tried several coaches with poor results before meeting Bruna, and what distinguished her was the use of key tools (like the mind mapping tool/inner compass) that guided me along the path of personal discovery.
          Bruna helped me to identify my gifts and my values in order to be able to make the best use of them in my current job or in another one. She helped me to connect with myself.
          By following this path, I now have greater clarity on who I am and what I want and what I can achieve. But above all, I discovered what really satisfies me. She helped me to understand that only by living life through one’s gifts and values I can live an authentic life. At the end of the journey, I realized what my mission is, and how to make it happen. In addition to this, Bruna helped me to understand that some of the characteristics that I was told were inappropriate are actually the strengths that distinguish me.
          After taking this coaching path, I am more aware of who I am, what my talents are, and I am more confident in myself.
          Working with her has been one of the best things I have ever done. She changed my life for the better!

          Licia Liguori
          Senior Legal Counsel Lead for Avanade Italy at Avanade Inc.
        • My career change coaching journey with Bruna has been the best investment I have made in my career. I highly recommend her!

          When I reached out to Bruna, I was lost. I knew I wanted to quit the finance world, but after 10 years I was scared, hesitant, and demotivated. With her contagious energy and enthusiasm, Bruna helped me figure out who I am, what I want from my career, and what my assets are.

          The result was that I changed careers confidently and seamlessly. Fast forward four months and I have started my own business in a new country. It took me four months to achieve something I didn’t even believe I could have done at all! In every session, she gently challenged my perspective on how I see things.

          The result was that I improved my self-awareness, took responsibility for my career and took more bold actions to achieve my goals. Short term quick wins triggered bolder actions and more results, which led me to my final goal: changing career and country in 2021.

          Thank you Bruna, I loved working with you!

          Claudio Antonini
          Treasury Manager - Investor Relations and Compliance presso SGN
        • If you are unhappy in your work or looking to shift career but don’t know how to start, I highly recommend working with Bruna. Working with her has been one of the best decisions I made. She really helps you to connect with your feelings, your unique gifts, strengths – and working with her has given me confidence and a compass for making decisions that are right for me. Bruna is super friendly and supportive and her knowledge of neuroscience and psychology helped me understand my own thinking patterns in a new way. I am now well on my way to building a new, more fulfilling career. Thank you Bruna!

          Malcolm Davidson
          International Business Development Manager at London South Bank University
        • Working with Bruna has been life-changing. I am a completely different person from when I began this journey. I highly recommend her. Working with her has been transformational.
          Her personal energy and commitment helped me thrive in a period of significant change. She delivered an adaptable approach that was tailored specifically to my needs. She provided a positive challenge and was a joy to work with. She supported me to address what was holding me back and let it go. It turned out to be part career coaching and part life coaching, it was incredibly powerful.
          Coaching is the best investment you will ever make in yourself. I now have a completely different life and it’s one I didn’t even know I wanted.

          Sara Dance
          Founder and Breath Coach at Breathways
        • I was stuck in a 9 to 5 job in the Financial Industry without personal fulfilment and looked for a change, COVID-19 did not make it easier either.

          Bruna has been very helpful in helping me to re-discover myself, my skills, my passions, my values and my potential for a future career change. Bruna’s methods are very clear, mind-opening and easy to follow. I am now very well equipped for climbing my 2nd Mountain (a new career path) once more opportunities open after the pandemic.

          Bruna is easy-going, committed and very professional in explaining you from day one what you can achieve with coaching. If you are ready to embark in a fantastic journey inside yourself, fasten your seatbelts and get Bruna as your captain.

          Federico Sanavio
          Business Design and Architecture leader for Digital Innovation and Transformation
        • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Bruna as I contemplated a recent career change. Her expertise in this area helped me to be successful in finding a new role in the charity/volunteer sector, after 27 years with the same company/industry.

          Bruna’s style is to put you firmly in the driver’s seat as to what you spend your time on with her, although she is also there to give you ideas and is a great motivator when you need that. Whether we were discussing future paths, ways to get myself noticed, how to interview, etc. – she gave me the latest information/tips, then gave me her opinion, but always encouraged me to find what suited me and my style.

          On top of that, she is a lovely, enthusiastic force of nature, so it is a very pleasurable process to work with Bruna. I can highly recommend her!

          Kimberly Fitch Tully
          Interim Chief Executive Officer at Engaging Dementia
        • Working with Bruna has been the best decision I could make before going back to work after my maternity leave. I thought working with a career coach would have helped me figure out my next career move. Little I knew that I would have learnt so much about how the mind works, what my values are and how important it is to “bring who you are into what you do”. Once I started listening to my intuitions and overcome my own self-limiting beliefs, I made peace with myself, and I realized that the answers I was looking for were already right there in front of me!
          Thanks to Bruna, I have now a set of tools and skills I can always rely on before taking any decision, not only for my career but, in general, for my life.

          So empowering and liberating!

          Marianna Guglielmino
          Customer Success Manager at Hootsuite
        • I would thoroughly recommend working with Bruna for anyone who is having trouble figuring out their career trajectory, which was my issue. Working with Bruna was so much fun and I looked forward to my classes with her. However, I also learnt so much about myself and my mind. I was so impressed by Bruna’s knowledge and ability to show me how the problems I was having trying to change my career were rooted in how the human brain functions. Thanks to Bruna, I now have a career path that I know will bring me fulfilment and satisfaction, as well as knowledge of how to get on that career path.

          Joseph Gibbons
          Communications Coordinator at CSCS Limited
        • I want to recommend Bruna as I am confident that if you want a change in your life, she will make you feel at ease and help you. Bruna was my Career Coach, and she helped me achieve my goal of “Being happy and feeling fulfilled in my new role“. She also listened to my future career aspirations and helped me make a plan to achieve them in the long run. Bruna never crashed my dreams, and I appreciate that. Together we set clear goals, and I learned through her coaching techniques a lot of things that I will carry with me in my professional and personal life.

          Veronika Prompona
          Enhanced Due Diligence Analyst
        • I met Bruna when I was made redundant, and at the time I was very unsure what to do next.
          I have a very mixed CV with several different career paths along the way because I love to learn new things.
          I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next, and with each session, I had with Bruna she encouraged me to really understand a way forward and to realise and follow my true passion.
          I am now in my dream job and have never been happier.

          Kay Lock
          Certified Scrum Master | AgilePM® | PRINCE2® Scrum Master at CityFibre
        • I had signed up for a free zoom talk about career changes when I saw Bruna in action for the first time. I really resonated with her way of challenging your inner thoughts and obstacles so I immediately signed up for career coaching with her. I needed to discover my purpose and understand what career change route would be best for me and nothing had worked so far.

          From the initial sessions, I felt a real connection with Bruna and I felt she really understood my needs and encouraged me to come to terms with my own self-limiting beliefs. After a few sessions (some full of happy tears) I reached a point of really feeling like I knew myself and that was the biggest take away for me. I needed to connect with my values instead of CV-ready skills and Bruna provided a great way to do that.

          Working with Bruna was life-changing for me and it gave me such direction and purpose to make a change in the direction that makes me happy!

          Pooja Vatas
          Freelance Photographer
        • At the start of the pandemic, I was facing the issue like many others of uncertainty, realisation and the desire to start taking action. I was paired up with Bruna and instantly shared a comfort level with her.

          She showed interest in every conversation we had. She truly made me feel that I am in control and I can make the change. Together we explored many areas and identified where and how I can take control. I had many ‘oh yeah, that makes so much more sense now’.

          I have received so many explanations that I was searching for. These coaching sessions have allowed me to meet myself and identify that I can achieve a lot more. I am now using her guidance when applying for roles. I am so grateful to have gone on a journey with Bruna.

          Definitely, the best decision I have taken for my career.

          Geena Sharma
          Operations Coordinator at Everlight Radiology
        • Bruna has been a fantastic career change coach, whose energy will naturally push you into another gear.

          She asks wonderfully challenging questions that will get you thinking about who you are, what your gifts are, and what your core values are.

          Not only did I really enjoy working with Bruna as a person, but she has helped me discover the paths I would like to lead – not just in my career but in life.

          Thank you for all the time you have spent on me.

          Alex Huntsman
          Partnership Development Executive at LiveSmart
        • Bruna possesses something utterly unique and very rare. She is as kind, supportive and energy-giving as she is incisive and knowledgeable.

          Put yourself in her hands and she will dig out your truest potential – although you may not have realised it yourself – bring it to the light and set you on the path of your own fulfilment.

          She is a bright bright soul, so very generous without being complaisant. She is incredibly respectful of your own needs and wishes and tailoring her vision to what suits you. She is so committed to her own expertise in finding fulfilling careers for her clients that you will be greeted with a wealth of knowledge you did not know you needed. Please listen to her: her methods work!

          To choose Bruna is to honour your own true self while awaiting to discover your actual potential.

          UI/UX Specialist

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