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BRUNA DE PALO London, UK and Internationally      +44 (0) 745 0804523

Change Your Career

Let's Bring YOU Back to Life

Official statistics say that in the UK 1 in 4 people is unfulfilled at work, feeling like running in a rat race…. and you don’t want to be that one anymore, right?
But you’re scared and overwhelmed by confusing thoughts about the future. To not mention that you have no idea what else you could do. No wonder that all this, coupled with the fear of a career change and uncertainty for the future, makes you feel stuck and frustrated!

And here’s where I come in, as a specialised career change coach with a proven, personalised step-by-step process that will make you:

  • Discover the Right Career for you
  • Develop an Exit Strategy
  • Navigate your Career Transition with confidence and enthusiasm
TED Bring who you are into what you do

Watch my Ted Talk career changeTalk on my own Career Change to learn how to achieve fulfilment at work:
“Bring who you are into what you do”

To be fulfilled at work, you need to bring who you are into what you do.

With Career Change Coaching you’re embarking on a joyous, empowering and
life-changing journey that goes way beyond your career transition.

The Change Your Career coaching package
is perfect for you, if you feel:

1) Trapped in a golden cage (salary, certainty, comfort)
2) Scared that you’re going to lose money
3) Lacking focus & discipline to change career
4) Confused, overwhelmed and scared not knowing what else you could do

Here’s what you’ll get:

1) Finding your vocation, focusing on internal and external coherence
2) A solid “exit strategy” that will keep you safe during the transition
3) Starting your career change process
4) Confidence, focus and discipline to keep moving on, no matter what
5) Ability to bring who you are into what you do so you’ll always feel Alive

Side effects include: renewed energy, Monday to Friday aliveness and higher income.

This package is ideal for people who are unfulfilled at work and
for executives who want to move to a more meaningful career. 

What my Clients say...

Bruna changed the way I was looking at myself and my life

I changed so many things in my life that (I wasn’t really aware!) were holding me back to become the real me. She freed me. Her workbooks, suggestions, hints, were and still are extremely helpful.
Read more “Bruna changed the way I was looking at myself and my life”

Roberta Murroni

She didn’t stop believing in me, even when I was doubting myself

Gaynor Smith

What I loved most of all was the warmth with which she welcomed me to sessions, and her personal, empathetic style. Read more “She didn’t stop believing in me, even when I was doubting myself”

Gaynor Smith

She identified the issue that has been holding me back in my career for years

I feel that I have accelerated more than any other time in my career. I feel solid in my decision making and I am constantly pushing through the barrier of fear as I stretch out of my comfort zone. Read more “She identified the issue that has been holding me back in my career for years”

Glenda Scantlebury

She helped unveil all the layers of my personality

Donato Francavilla

The one to one sessions with Bruna are a life changer, by peeling off each layer I discovered Read more “She helped unveil all the layers of my personality”

Donato Francavilla

This intense package includes a rich set of practical ideas, concepts, workbooks & frameworks (and a few – well, ok… maybe more than a few! – laughs) that will help you bring who you are into what you do and feel alive at work!

Our Sessions Will Be

In my private space, in Central London

Career Change advice

…or via Video Call, in the comfort
of your own Home or Office.

Skype Coaching

The Career Change Coaching Package

The Change Your Career coaching package it’s a proven, personalised 12 weeks plan that turns your stuckness into a joyful, fun and liberating journey towards the right career for you. It includes:

* Six 75-minute coaching sessions (face to face or via Video Call)
* Workbooks & Guides to discover the right career for you and develop your Exit Strategy
* Customised Tools & Techniques to boost your journey
* Support via email/phone
* Accountability for you taking actions
* Your account on my app, where you can track your progress, analyse metrics and report, write your journal, and much more!

Warning: rapid soul growth ahead!

Get your 20 mins Coaching with me

Or ask me anything!


More About Career Shifting

Changing career looks scaring, but trust me, with the right support it’s rather a joyful, fun and liberating journey where you get to know who you really are and how you, because of you, and all that YOU are and possess, are meant to make an impact in the world.

At the core, you may be an entrepreneur, a freelance, an artist, a model, a teacher, or a life coach like me. But to find that truth, you need to remove layers and layers of fear and people/society’s expectations that prevent you from seeing who you really are.

Career Change

Change Career to Make the Difference in the World

Want to move to a career that makes the difference?
Perhaps in a charity, a NGO, a social enterprise or in a socially conscious business?

As an expert in career transition, I’ve been working for the biggest UK’s job-site specialised in non-profit for years and helped countless people move to a career in non-profit.
Would you like to know how?

Get your 20 mins Coaching with me

9 to Alive
careers in non-profit

Watch my “9 to Alive” YouTube Series and learn all you need to know about careers that make the difference in the world.

If there’s something I’m truly passionate about, is helping people use their talents to make a difference in the world. And get a good salary while doing so! I got passionate about careers in non-profit a while ago and realised I got to know a wealth of information that many people knew nothing about, and that’s part of the reason they were stuck in unfulfilling careers.

Our work takes more than half of our waking hours, if we feel detached from what we do, no wonder we feel low and unhealthy. Careers in non-profit help us build a more human, thriving and peaceful society and for many are the ideal path to connect who they are with what they want to be paid for. 

That’s why as a career transition expert I’ve helped countless people understand how the charity sector works, its dynamics, what career paths are available there and, above all, how to move from a 9 to 5 corporate job to a career in charities. I call it a “9 to Alive” career ’cause my clients taught me that when they know they’re making a positive difference, they feel truly alive. And I love that!

If you, too, want to turn your 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive, book your Free Taster Session so you’ll see how faster you’ll find your place in non-profit with 1:1 coaching session with me. 

My Career Shift: from Corporate to Coaching

I know how to do it because I’ve been there, struggling immensely to get out of a career in IT that paid the bills, but didn’t make me feel alive at all… and not knowing what else I could have done, I ended up trapped in a golden cage for… ehmmm… 17 years! (yes, s-e-v-e-n-t-e-e-n…!), where I felt there was life out of that window, and I couldn’t touch it, I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t enjoy it. I was a prisoner in my own life, self-condemned to a lifelong sentence. Until I realised that I was a “human being” and not just a “human doing“, and that I was meant to “be” at work and not just “do” something with it.

And that’s what my journey taught me: if you want to feel alive at work, you need to bring who you are into what you do. Firstly, you need to look at who you are at the core, how you function, what lifts you up, what’s important to you, what’s your natural talent, purpose and all that makes you, YOU. And trust there’s a career out there that honors your unique blend of aptitudes, ideas, experience, passions, perceptions, skills, natural talents and much more. A career where you feel alive and where you naturally thrive, therefore earning what you deserve. Watch my TEDx Talk to know more. 

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