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At times you feel you could do more, give more and get more from your career, yet lack of confidence, resistance to change and fear of failure stop you from going forward. How do you move on?

I’ll show you how your brain works and what generates certain behaviours so you’ll get rid of doubts and fears that keep you stuck. 

As a Certified Career Coach,
I can help you:

  • Find your purpose
  • Achieve a promotion
  • Advance in your career
  • Learn to speak in public
  • Increase your confidence
  • Develop your career plan
  • Prepare for a top interview
  • Reshape your CV and Linkedin profile
  • Improve your performance and impact
  • Define and develop your personal brand

Let’s discuss your needs and develop a customised plan to achieve your goal. 

Bruna helped me channel what was important to me; my core values, passions, and skills, as well as expand my knowledge and expertise of CV building, interview techniques, and identify and overcome my weaknesses.
Harry Norman – London Academy of Trading LAT

Clients say

  • It’s not an understatement to say that my work with Bruna was life-changing. I was immediately impressed with her science-based approach to helping me understand how my brain functions and how this was keeping me stuck in my career. She guided me through very practical exercises which helped me to solve problems and think in a very different and effective way. I found her energy and unique approach to be a powerful combination which has also helped me in my life outside work.

    Matthew Ekroth
    Executive Director at Morgan Stanley & Co.
  • Bruna’s coaching methodology is very effective, it’s impressive with how much passion and deep empathy she can easily win the trust of the client and fully understand them, her professionalism and competence have a massive impact on the results, which are quick and glaring. Bruna allowed me to highlight and work on some aspects of my work and private life which allowed me to achieve the goals I wanted with more than excellent results.

    I believe that each company should hire such a figure to train and improve the entire workforce, focusing on each individual’s work and personal problems.

    Ultimately, Bruna has significantly added value to my personal and professional growth!

    Pierfrancesco Costantini
    Product Technical Support Manager at Tenda Technology Italia | IP-COM
  • Not only I experienced coaching with Bruna but I also had the privilege to work together with her as a colleague. When I first got to know Bruna and her coaching style, she immediately stood out for me with her down-to-earth attitude and science-based approach.

    She has a unique talent to turn a simple conversation into a valuable coaching session which leaves you empowered, more strategic and ready to spring into action. I initially started my coaching sessions with her as I wanted to have better clarity on my long-term vision. My goal was to have a strategy in place and to narrow down my options to redirect my focus. Bruna helped (and pushed!) me to set very clear and detailed sub-goals to get me closer to the clarity I was looking for. She quickly adapted to my preferred learning methods, as I’m a visual & creative character she set challenges for me that mirrored that perfectly.

    What I didn’t expect from her coaching was that I also discovered some blocks that were holding me back. With her brain-based methods, she helped me rephrase these blocks and successfully turning them into my assets (e.g. using my impatience as a tool to take action). Her coaching was supportive yet challenging and she always pushed me a little more to gain new perspectives. As I kept working on the tasks she gave me, I also gained a better understanding of my professional & personal values and my worth which lead me to an exciting new opportunity in my career.

    Even though my initial goal was not to jump into a new opportunity, it was a pleasant & unexpected “side-effect” that now allows me to be more in line with my long-term vision. It opened up many doors for me where I can remain authentic and really utilise my talents.

    The entire experience was highly positive but Bruna’s personality was what made the whole process really memorable: she’s highly intelligent, very adaptable and incredibly passionate about seeing others get to that ‘aha’ moment. Throughout our coaching sessions, I was always at ease and I was buzzing at the end of each session.

    Anyone who works with her can be assured that she will put you first, REALLY listen to you especially to what you haven’t said out loud. Bruna has a special talent to scale you up in ways that every leader needs.

    Timi Orosz
    Business Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Bruna has been instrumental in improving my confidence in my job, and in the transition to working more independently at home.

    She is extremely flexible with her coaching style depending on my ever-changing needs, always able to bring structure to conversations when I was feeling flustered, which really helped me to get control of the situation and move forwards in every session.

    She combines a consultative, supportive, genuine friend-like approach with a very impressive knowledge of human behaviour and the science of the brain. I could not recommend Bruna’s programme more highly; she has transformed the way I think about work and how it fits into my life goals more widely.

    The results have been consistently visible from day one, right up to a year later, and I feel sure I will continue to reap the benefits of these sessions in years to come, now that I have frameworks to fall back on to tackle any issue and a much better understanding of my own values, motivators and psychology.

    Amy Holdsworth
    Talent Acquisition Manager at Zen Educate
  • Firstly, I didn’t really know what to expect, but Bruna since the very first time we met showed me she’s incredibly passionate about her job, highly skilled and she really follows you in your journey, even after the sessions end. She really cares about you.

    Now l feel stronger and able to use all the tools she gave me; it’s a deep process, not only focused on the career, but also on who you really are. She’s been a real coach, being with me in the low moments and celebrating with me the successful ones.

    Also, everything is very practical, I really worked deeply with her to bring who I am in what I do.

    Thank you, Bruna!

    Heléna Antonio
  • I am an independent language teacher, podcaster and coach.

    I asked Bruna some help to clarify some new ideas I had and a new path I wanted to take in the near future regarding my career. I was extremely surprised about Bruna’s professionalism and preparation. I am not new with coaching sessions but she surprised me, she is different.

    Very thoughtful, and incredibly good listener, and talented coach. She gave me a deep session. What has surprised me is the way she was able first to listen, and then understanding me, plus the fact that she gave me very practical suggestions, good examples to compare my situation and to work with.

    After the session, I really felt I received help and that I had “tools” to start to make the first step towards my goal.

    I will certainly recommend Bruna and I am looking forward to our next session.

    Barbara Rocci
    Founder of Time to be Italian
  • Changing a career is never easy, and it might be particularly tricky in the current economic climate. However, the pandemic could also be the best time to reevaluate and ask yourself what’s your ‘Why”.

    Bruna’s coaching helped me to become more focused on my job search and increased my confidence in the interviews. Also, my customized CV was selected among 400 applicants for a role! She has not only shared insider tips on recruitment but also helped me to improve my mindset.

    Her infectious enthusiasm enabled me to stay positive at a difficult time, while her coaching techniques backed up in NLP and neuroscience increased my resilience and persuasive skills.

    Huge thanks, Bruna!

    Paulina Dabrowska
    Project Manager at Research Partnership
  • I was stuck in a sales loop without the direction I needed in order to get out. I knew it wasn’t the right career for me but had no idea where to look!

    Bruna helped me channel what was important to me; my core values, passions, and skills, as well as expand my knowledge and expertise of CV building, interview techniques, and identify and overcome my weaknesses. Bruna’s methods are clear and easy to follow, the only thing that held me back was my innate stubbornness to change, which is tough to fight against!

    Bruna is professional, friendly, and has a tonne of knowledge she’s willing to share in order to help you achieve your career goals.

    Harry Norman
    London Academy of Trading LAT
  • The last few months of working with Bruna has made a huge impact on the way I now think, and how I am now approaching life’s challenges with more positivity and enthusiasm than ever before.

    Bruna’s infectious enthusiasm, coupled with her well-honed knowledge of what makes us human beings tick has been extremely valuable to me.

    This was achieved by both deep mental learning of my inner person (you’ll love the “innercises”!) and also through many practical tools and techniques to take forward and use for a lifetime!

    You will not regret having Bruna as a career/life coach to contribute to your life/ well being.

    Daniel Handman
    Partnerships Manager
  • Before working with Bruna, I was in a state of total insecurity and self-doubt.
    I remember when I first listened to Bruna’s presentation on the career coaching programme that she offers, I felt understood immediately, even before talking to her one on one! Her personal experience sounded very similar to mine, and the enthusiasm she was transmitting while talking about how she found fulfilment for herself, encouraged me to give it a try at find fulfilment for myself too.

    The work of “knowing myself”, has been a fascinating journey that I fell in love with, and that led not only to accept myself, but also valuing and appreciating myself, to the point of growing my confidence and courage to propose myself professionally.

    The thing I loved the most about this project is that it is very real and practical, and it works.

    Now I am not only more confident, but more true to myself. I am ready to take any chance that comes my way to grow, work, propose myself, accomplish tasks that used to give me anxiety and much more, even on a personal level. I now know I am not “wrong”, I know that there is a direction for me. And I know that I am in the right direction.

    I recommend Bruna to anyone experiencing a personal crisis, particularly on a professional level, who is in need of guidance not in terms of being told what to do or where to go, but in providing themselves with the tools to solve their own problems for life.

    Anna Carfora
  • At a time when I’ve been looking to do some career pivots, working with Bruna has been really useful, giving me a fresh perspective on what I’ve been doing and new ideas for the future. She was encouraging, but also challenging, which was the perfect combination to help me progress. Her understanding of the wider career world – and what approach works well in it – was incredibly helpful. I really enjoyed the coaching! 

    Stuart Brumfitt
    Editorial Director & Creative Consultant
  • I attended a talk by Bruna, and then decided to work with her for 3 months. It’s been an intense and highly rewarding process and I feel that the work that I’ve done has equipped me with a set of powerful instruments that I can use to build a better professional life for myself (including a practical toolbox to deal with moments of doubts).

    My main takeaway from Bruna’s talk was that any satisfying career-change (one that would make me happy) needed to be deeply rooted in my own values and dreams. This sounded meaningful and got my attention. And the first steps of the work consisted in a process of reconnection with exactly that – the dreams I did not even dare to consider as actual possibilities – and then giving myself the liberty of saying it aloud, expressing clearly what I wanted for myself.

    This in itself was quite intense and it felt joyfully liberating.

    But that was just the starting point: with Bruna’s encouragements, I then worked on refining a clear vision of my ideal situation and – quite importantly – on designing a practical strategy to achieve my objectives. In between the sessions, was intense work guided by reading material, exercises and workbooks.

    At the end of these 3 months with my coach, I have found myself ready to engage in the realisation of my professional dream. I am very happy to have this reconnection with my creative and imaginative self, but I also feel capable of turning my vision into reality. Instead of feeling trapped in a cage, I now feel that I am in command of my life.
    I’m deeply satisfied with the experience of being coached by Bruna and feel grateful for her guidance and help.

    Prefer not to say
  • The one to one sessions with Bruna is a life changer.

    She helped unveil all the layers of my personality which I have buried for years. By peeling off each layer I discovered a new person, different in many ways from what I have always thought. For the first time I saw my true self, somebody that I knew was inside me and that I needed to meet with the guide of a savvy coach.

    I am very happy I made this choice.

    Donato Francavilla
    Senior Frontend Engineer at EF Education First
  • Inspiring, transformative and most of all practical are some of the words that come to mind when I think about my sessions with Bruna. I can truly say my coaching sessions with her have helped me to find a way to implement the change I want.

    I’ve been particularly impressed by Bruna’s approach to untying some of the knotty issues that have been plaguing me for years.

    Her skill at helping with the change process has been invaluable and I would heartily recommend her to anyone who needs a no-nonsense approach to changing their life.

    Oluwakemi Soremekum
    Communication Specialist at Kings College
  • Bruna was the unofficial campaign manager behind the ‘Davinia’ Re-Brand. Fact.

    The energy, commitment and attention brought to her life coaching sessions were impressive, debunking several myths of mine, a few of which included: value is monetary, the experience is essential and CVs are autobiographical (I talk about myself).

    Post debunking, I realised that my personal milestones, traits and their impact personally and professionally, were/are to be celebrated.

    Taking the time to step back and assess my worth has brought me many steps closer to realising my goals and I thank Bruna endlessly for making that happen.

    Davinia Bascombe
    Engagement & Wellbeing Champion
  • Bruna has helped me to see my life’s opportunities through a whole new and exciting prism.

    Unknown issues that were holding me back have been exposed and dealt with.

    In just six sessions this enlightening transformation has had a brilliant impact in both my personal life and my career.

    Glenda Scantlebury
    Learning Development Consultant at Ministry of Justice UK
  • Bruna is a sort of wizard! She can transform your life …she certainly transformed mine. With just a chat – an informal chat – Bruna identified a core deep-seated self-limiting belief that had blocked me for years.

    And this was just the beginning….session after session with incredible passion, enthusiasm and creativity Bruna offered me an incredible set of tools to work on myself and my growth.

    She made me work really hard, she followed my progress, she provided the right amount of encouragement and understanding without – EVER – allow me to ‘give up’. She is the ultimate life COACH. She really does what all good coach should do: push you, support you and at times simply ‘hold’ you… with compassion and understanding. She understands when it’s time to rest, reflect and breath and when it’s time to push and give everything you have to give! And she is FUNNY. I love Bruna’s irony and the way she designs every exercise and activity specifically to you. Meaning to your style!

    I think she really understood my visual and creative approach to life and my sense of humour and worked with it. I think she is just brilliant! In 6 sessions I made more progress than in years of psychotherapy and self-development workshops of all kinds. She is extremely intuitive and passionate. She is curious, generous and meticulous. I feel she loves her job as much as she loves you, and if you work as hard as she does you will win that prize and reach that goal whatever that might be!

    And the amazing thing is that she gives you so many tools that you can then work on your own for the rest of your life! And you must work hard because it’s so rewarding: it gives you incredible satisfaction and unexpected results. If you feel stuck or unhappy about where your life is going (or not going!): Bruna is the answer!

    Chiara D'Anna
    Award-winning actress, director and Movement Coach
  • It has been a wonderful journey to work with Bruna.

    She is always, consistently excellent with her approach and this is demonstrated in her passion for bringing out the best in you.

    She has always been on hand to provide the right advice at the right time and has kept pushing you beyond your comfort zone.

    I learned so much about myself thanks to our great work!

    And this is just the beginning of this road to authenticity.

    Sunil Patel
    Operations Manager
  • I worked with Bruna when I was going through a very difficult period. Bruna completely changed my perspective. It wasn’t about the promise that I would immediately get a job after the sessions, but rather about changing my mindset, my approach to my current role and my ability to choose the right opportunity for me.

    Fast forward a few months later, I was offered a role in a fantastic company as a Social Media Executive!

    Due to the current period of uncertainty, the offer has been postponed until further notice, but the important thing is that I learned how to screen the jobs myself, not the other way around. I made the applications to jobs and knew were good for ME, not just making sure that I was right for IT.

    I definitely encourage working with Bruna, because it definitely pays off, but only if you work TOGETHER! Thank you so much, Bruna

    Ana Rodriguez
    Team Manager

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