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Careers in Charity Programme

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Why do you think there are so many people unhappy in their job, nowadays?

Maybe because they are stuck in a career that doesn’t truly resonate with who they are, which crushes their motivation and sense of being alive.

As a career shifter, I remember perfectly well the pain of being stuck in the rat race, in a career to which I didn’t belong because I had chosen it thinking about what I wanted, rather than who I was… what a lesson!

To help graduates make a more informed choice about their future, I run an Educational Programme on behalf of CharityJob, the UK’s no.1 job site for the not-for-profit sector, focusing on:

* The importance of choosing a career that resonates with who they are as individuals
* How the charity sector works and how to navigate a career path in the charity sector
* How to find a charity job – and therefore career – that will guarantee fulfillment, balance, and a sense of being alive
* Fundraising: a fascinating world of opportunities to change the society around us

Plus a workshop specifically for charities on “How to recruit and retain Trustees and charity staff”.

If you wish to know more about the careers in charity programme, or you’re interested in booking a talk or a workshop, please fill the form below.

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Careers in charities

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