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Director of Cyber at a global bank

Goal: "I want to make a better impact on my team"

Context: Working in a global bank, Andrew has led his team of then 15 for 3 years and feels stuck on the impact he's making. He's proud of his accomplishments, yet some of his team members feel stuck or disengaged and he'd like them to feel part of something bigger. He wants the business to succeed and at the same time feel he's making a difference in the world. 

Service provided and duration: Executive Coaching, 12 months. 

In our coaching sessions, we focused on:

  • Learning how the human brain works and how to keep people engaged by tapping into their innate desire to self-expression
  • Implementing the 7 pillars of Conscious Business
  • Developing a human leadership style that would make people feel empowered, included and valued
  • Developing emotional and social intelligence
  • Co-creating a team vision and helping the team members connect it with their personal vision
  • Thinking more strategically and helping them do so too
  • Measure progress of his effort by tracking expectations, results, meeting frequence and more


His team improved engagement by 38% (measured against previous year's survey). Following their individual "aliveness-focused career plan" Andrew helped them build, two team members got promoted within 6 months since he implemented his new strategy, one person moved internally to a better suited department and the other team member increased thei work-life balance and reported being inspired (professionally and personally) by Andrew as their boss, promising to follow in his footsteps once they'll be in a leadership position. 


Andrew completed his program reporting feeling much more in control of his leadership impact not only at work but in his family too. By learning how the human brain works in the context of leadership he leveraged his team members' innate drivers and turned their stuckness into fuel. 

Working with Bruna helped me develop a completely different vision of how I want to lead my team, one that is way more resonant to my nature and of which I'm hugely proud. I cannot thank Bruna's dedication and insights into the human brain enough!

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