Coaching Gift Voucher

Looking for a Special Treat for your loved one? How about an experience voucher that will have a transformative impact on their life and career?

Is your loved one unfulfilled in their career or perhaps lacking confidence or struggling to take a critical decision? With this coaching voucher, you can treat them with a real breakthrough… and they’ll love you forever and ever.

£ 300 / $ 410 / € 355

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Inspiring, transformative and most of all practical are some of the words that come to mind when I think about my sessions with Bruna.
Oluwakemi Soremekun – Communications Specialist, Kings College

This Coaching Gift Voucher includes a rich set of practical ideas and neuroscience-based tools to help them Think & Act differently and get a breakthrough in their life and career.

The Coaching Gift Voucher is the perfect
Experience Gift for men and women who:

1) Need CLARITY on what they really want
2) Feel lost, unbalanced and confused
3) Want to find out what’s holding them back and move on

Here’s what they’ll get:

1) Clarity, confidence and a concrete action plan
2) Focus and motivation to achieve their goal
3) Ability to make better, authentic decisions

Most importantly, they’ll learn that change is possible, and even joyful when they have the proper guidance and support.

Clients have bought this gift for their loved ones to help them:

  • Change their career and be fulfilled at work
  • Make vital decisions in their lives/career
  • Boost their confidence and assertiveness
  • Learn how their brain works and make the best use of it
  • …and much more! See their testimonials.

Thanks to Bruna, I have now a set of tools and skills I can always rely on before taking any decision, not only for my career but, in general, for my life. So empowering and liberating!
Marianna Guglielmino – Customer Success Manager, Hootsuite

Clients say

  • Bruna has dynamic energy which is inspiring and motivating.

    Her confidence was truly uplifting; she guided me through a reassuringly simple but effective structure, which left me with crystal clear next steps. She was great at listening with compassion, but gently bringing me back to the structure to ensure I met my objectives for the session.

    I would recommend Bruna as a Coach, as she is truly passionate about helping people achieve their dreams.

    Thank you, Bruna!

    Sarit Gafan
    Intuitive Wellbeing Mentor & Writer
  • It’s a cliché, but Bruna had the power really to change my entire life using all her knowledge, professionalism and her great passion and belief in what she does… I’d recommend her to everyone; try her sessions and you’ll see your dreams come true.

    Tania Torchia
    Fashion Advisor at Marks & Spencer
  • Bruna is an amazingly inspirational coach.
    Even after one session, my thoughts about myself and my career became clearer and more focused. I would highly recommend her to anyone lost about the direction their life and career are taking. She is very energetic and clearly passionate about what she does – which translates into making her a great coach!

    Thanks Bruna!

    Agata Rybicka
    App Design for the Medical, Health, Fitness and Sport Industry
  • Changing a career is never easy, and it might be particularly tricky in the current economic climate. However, the pandemic could also be the best time to reevaluate and ask yourself what’s your ‘Why”.

    Bruna’s coaching helped me to become more focused on my job search and increased my confidence in the interviews. Also, my customized CV was selected among 400 applicants for a role! She has not only shared insider tips on recruitment but also helped me to improve my mindset.

    Her infectious enthusiasm enabled me to stay positive at a difficult time, while her coaching techniques backed up in NLP and neuroscience increased my resilience and persuasive skills.

    Huge thanks, Bruna!

    Paulina Dabrowska
    Project Manager at Research Partnership
  • I decided to go and see Bruna because I have been struggling with my weight for about 20 years (and I am only 35).

    I wanted to go to the root cause of my problem, which was not simply overeating, but bingeing, plus becoming lazy. Well, at the end not only I did lose weight (I am a work in progress) but I also changed so many things in my life that (I wasn’t really aware!) were holding me back to become the real me.

    She freed me. Her workbooks, suggestions, hints, were and still are extremely helpful.

    If I were you, I would book a taster session. You will love her professionality. She is always on point, and on top of everything.

    Roberta Murroni
    Certified NLP practitioner, Health and Wellness Coach, GpXS trainee
  • I was stuck in a sales loop without the direction I needed in order to get out. I knew it wasn’t the right career for me but had no idea where to look!

    Bruna helped me channel what was important to me; my core values, passions, and skills, as well as expand my knowledge and expertise of CV building, interview techniques, and identify and overcome my weaknesses. Bruna’s methods are clear and easy to follow, the only thing that held me back was my innate stubbornness to change, which is tough to fight against!

    Bruna is professional, friendly, and has a tonne of knowledge she’s willing to share in order to help you achieve your career goals.

    Harry Norman
    London Academy of Trading LAT
  • I am an independent language teacher, podcaster and coach.

    I asked Bruna some help to clarify some new ideas I had and a new path I wanted to take in the near future regarding my career. I was extremely surprised about Bruna’s professionalism and preparation. I am not new with coaching sessions but she surprised me, she is different.

    Very thoughtful, and incredibly good listener, and talented coach. She gave me a deep session. What has surprised me is the way she was able first to listen, and then understanding me, plus the fact that she gave me very practical suggestions, good examples to compare my situation and to work with.

    After the session, I really felt I received help and that I had “tools” to start to make the first step towards my goal.

    I will certainly recommend Bruna and I am looking forward to our next session.

    Barbara Rocci
    Italian Teacher and owner of Time to be Italian
  • Bruna has contagious positivity and energy and is a genuine pleasure to work with. She can quite quickly work you out, whether you like it or not, and she will get to work!

    Through even a short time spent working with her helped me uncover my strengths and made me realise that anything is possible, you just have to stay in the right place with the right mindset.

    Thank you, Bruna!

    Naomi Smith
    Event Coordinator at Virgin Sport
  • My sessions with Bruna were not only useful but enjoyable, and I always left her company feeling energised and positive – a much-needed feeling at that time in my life.

    She prepared thoughtfully for our sessions and took the time to understand what I needed. I‘m a creative person, so she used pictures, metaphors and visualisations to coach me – really speaking my language!

    What I loved most of all was the warmth with which she welcomed me to sessions, and her personal, empathetic style. She didn’t stop believing in me, even when I was doubting myself.

    Thank you, Bruna!

    Gaynor Smith
    Creative Curator at City Lions
  • I’ve met Bruna when I needed it the most. I’ve found in her a very competent coach with a kind heart and very easy to talk to. At the end of every session, I was leaving that cosy room full of energy and aware of something new about myself.

    Bruna helped me to go through my past and finally embrace it for what it was and being able to learn from it, and not let it be in charge of my future as well. Bruna showed me how strong I am and how strong I have been so far, I didn’t even realise it till I met her.

    Today I am celebrating myself every time I am accomplishing a task to make a commitment to myself. Meeting Bruna was a blessing to me and the decision of starting this journey with her has been one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

    Bruna has really changed my life, in a good way.

    Ilaria Cascone
    Ilaria Cascone
  • Bruna’s energy and positive attitude to life and career change gave me the boost to finally discover again what I kept inside myself for a long time.

    She is supportive, creative and an amazing listener. She demonstrated to be highly skilled and able to understand what was holding me from doing what I like the most.

    I’m very happy that I did those sessions with her because she really helped me to dust my real dreams.

    Grazie Bruna!

    Alessia Pinna
    Head of Spanish at Seaford Head Academy

The Coaching Gift Voucher is a unique Experience Gift for men and women and it includes:

  • 90′ Neuroscience-based Coaching Session via Video Call - wherever they are in the world
  • One Workbook to guide them towards the breakthrough
  • A Follow-up 30 minute call after 2 weeks
  • Customised Brain Tools & Techniques to help them move forward

£ 300 / $ 410 / € 355

We offer secure payment by credit card via the PayPal system. You do not have to have a Paypal account or open one to pay with your credit card.

How it works:

When you buy the voucher, you will receive an email with two files you can either print or send to the recipient via email:

  • The Voucher: it’s a nice way to inform them of the gift you’re treating them with. Perhaps you want to print it and hide it somewhere for them to find it? Or you want to add it to a card? Unleash your creativity!
  • The Coaching Gift Sheet is a pdf file with all the information they need to appreciate what this gift is about, and to book their session.

The voucher is valid up to 6 months from the date of the purchase. They can book their session online and will be delivered via Zoom, wherever they are in the world!

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