treat them with a special gift that makes an impact

want to help someone shine?

Is your loved one unfulfilled in their career or perhaps lacking confidence or struggling to take a critical decision? With this coaching voucher, you can treat them with a real breakthrough… and they’ll love you forever and ever.

Bruna is a wonderful career coach. Her ability to lead you to the moment of revelation is impressive. Her knowledge and guidance with the tasks, and the information she provided, helped me positively self-reflect. I am now moving forward in my life with confidence.

Regina Crockett – Accounting Manager at Richmond International Airport

The coaching gift voucher

This Coaching Gift Voucher includes a rich set of practical ideas and neuroscience-based tools to help them Think & Act differently and get a breakthrough in their life and career. Most importantly, they’ll learn that change is possible, and even joyful when they have the proper guidance and support.

The Coaching Gift Voucher is the perfect
Experience Gift for men and women who:

  • Need CLARITY on what they really want
  • Feel lost, unbalanced and confused
  • Want to find out what’s holding them back and move on

Whent they'll receive it they'll love it because they will get:

  • Clarity, confidence and a concrete action plan
  • Focus and motivation to achieve their goal
  • Ability to make better, authentic decisions


 an experience gift 

The Coaching Gift Voucher helps them feel alive at work!

The Coaching Gift Voucher is a unique Experience Gift for men and women and it will help them:


How it Works?


Buy it

When you buy it, you receive an email with Voucher and the Coaching Gift Sheet to provide them with something "tangible".


Forward it

They follow the instructions in the Coaching Gift Sheet and book their session.


Enjoy the impact

Observe them and notice the positive impact that your gifts had on them, celebrate their achievements and have fun together! 

The Voucher

  • The Voucher: it’s a nice way to inform them of the gift you’re treating them with. You can print it and hide it somewhere for them to find it or just hide it in a card. Be creative!

The Coaching Gift Sheet

  • The Coaching Gift Sheet is a pdf file with all the information they need to appreciate what this gift is about, and to book their session.

The Coaching Voucher

The voucher is valid up to 6 months from the date of the purchase. They can book their session online and will be delivered via Zoom, wherever they are in the world!


£ 300

  • 60′ Neuroscience-based Coaching Session via Video Call - wherever they are in the world
  • One Workbook to guide them towards the breakthrough
  • A 20-minute Accountability Call after 2 weeks, to keep them on track and lay out their next steps
  • Customised Brain Tools & Techniques to help them move forward

We offer secure payment by credit card via the PayPal system. You do not have to have a Paypal account or open one to pay with your credit card.

Bruna helped me understand how the brain works when it comes to our emotional intelligence. It has been an amazing journey that I will recommend to anyone seeking answers on managing our emotional intelligence in all aspects of our lives.

Eliana Ortiz

Licensing Analyst lll at F5

Bruna’s coaching helped me to become more focused on my job search and increased my confidence in the interviews. Also, my customized CV was selected among 400 applicants for a role! She has not only shared insider tips on recruitment but also helped me to improve my mindset.

Paulina Dabrowska

Project Manager at Research Partnership

I was stuck in a sales loop without the direction I needed in order to get out. I knew it wasn’t the right career for me but had no idea where to look! Bruna helped me channel what was important to me; my core values, passions, and skills, as well as expand my knowledge and expertise of CV building, interview techniques, and identify and overcome my weaknesses.

Harry Norman

London Academy of Trading LAT

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