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You will achieve unimaginable results once you understand how you function and how to make the best use of yourself. When you learn to leverage the human brain life just becomes easier!

Coaching sessions with Bruna have been a wonderful experience from day one. Her passion for neuroscience combined with broad psychology knowledge make her method powerful yet incredibly practical. I left each session feeling energized and having a clear plan for the next steps towards my goal.

Magdalena Brzezinska – Team Lead Brand Marketing at Solarisbank

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Coaching in English and Italian, I work with individuals and teams worldwide to expand their thinking, acting and leading capabilities.

Become a more impactful leader & strenghten your executive presence

1:1 Executive & Leadership Coaching

In a world that makes you spin like a top, I help you stay human, increase empathy and create a psychologically safe environment where you and your team will thrive. Working with me you will:

  • Make brilliant decisions under pressure
  • Improve how you think and react in challenging situations
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and spark creativity
  • Develop your own charisma and executive presence
  • Empower and inspire your team
  • Be a more effective decision-maker
  • Use your intuitive intelligence as a conduit for progress
  • Resolve conflicts constructively
  • Improve your public speaking skills, get the audience on your side
  • Lead virtual teams effectively
  • Change unconstructive behaviours
  • Develop effective communication and provide impactful feedback 

improve your career, feel alive at work and boost your health

1:1 Career Coaching 

If you feel you could do more, give more and get more from your career, you're probably acting more like a Human Doing than a Human Being. Together we can:

  • Make your "fully alive" career plan of actions
  • Advance in your career
  • Reshape your CV and Linkedin profile, prepare for a top interview
  • Improve your performance and impact
  • Define and develop your personal brand
  • Practice effective job hunting tactics
  • Find your purpose
  • Become a more effective communicator, learn to speak in public
  • Become more assertive and confident
  • Learn to make decisions that stick
  • Increase your productivity
  • Change your career (click on this link for more info)


Why clients In Banking, Finance, Tech And Legal choose me as a coach

My premium tools speed up results

My clients are incredibly busy and have little time and energy for their personal development. Working with me they move faster and more efficiently

We use a time-efficient set of well-structured tools, workbooks and easy-to-remember frameworks that turn inspiration into actionable strategies.

They also learn how their brain works and feel more in control of their behaviour and reaction, increasing their impact on others. 

It was great working with Bruna because she is so personable and genuinely understands the significance of making decisions aligned with who you are. I now have a much clearer idea of which decisions are likely to be the most fruitful and sustainable in my work and personal life. 

Ed Ormerod

International Business Strategy

Thank you so much, Bruna, you genuinely have been one of the biggest help and blessings in 2020. I have learnt a lot from you and gained insight on how to better coach my team members. thank you for your patience, great energy, and your work ethics. Really appreciate it. Would 100% recommend Bruna.

Akua Fosu

Diligence Manager at Visa

 Bruna helped me understand the real me and become aware of gifts and skills I possess but wasn’t aware of. The progress I made has been noticed by my relatives and colleagues and led to a promotion and some tough personal decisions of which I am now more conscious and convinced. I can only recommend and thank Bruna for the incredible contribution she gave me.

Luca Bazzocchi

Consulting Services Senior Manager at Autodesk

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