Meet your Future-Self

Future-self visualisation

Your Future-Self is one of the most precious resources you can access within yourself to build a fulfilling life. This guided visualisation helps you connect with your inner wisdom and plan out the best next steps to truly shine.

Grab a pen and paper, and find a place where you can be comfortable and free from distractions, switch off any app or device. The visualisation lasts around 17 minutes, make sure not to be disturbed.

There will be questions during the visualisation, you just answer them in your mind, see what comes up with no judgement, no need to be right, just… to be. There will be long pauses to facilitate intuitions, just embrace them. I will clearly tell you when it’s time to reopen your eyes, till that moment, keep them closed, your mind and heart open and enjoy the moment.

Get yourself comfortable and… let’s start!

Turn your vision into actionable steps

Explore this experience through the following questions. Write the answers by hand so that you can process them properly, enabling you to compare them with the answers you’ll write in 6 months when you’ll do it again to assess your advancement.

  • How was this visualisation for you?
  • What were the colours, sounds, atmosphere involved?
  • What did your Future-Self have to tell you?
  • What were the answers to the questions you asked?
    • What is it, Future Self, that you most remember about the last 20 years?
    • What would be most helpful for me to know to get to where you are?
    • [Your questions?]
    • What name, other than your first name, are you called by, or what metaphor he/she used?
  • What else was striking about this experience for you?
  • How does this vision help you at this specific moment?
  • What can you do to get closer to this vision?
  • What actions will you take and by when?
  • How will you ensure you will do so?

Well done. 

Ensure you’ll do the visualisation again in 6 months time to stay on track and enrich your vision with further details.  


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