BRUNA DE PALO Central London or International      +44 (0) 745 0804523
BRUNA DE PALO Central London or International      +44 (0) 745 0804523

Think & Act differently

How I Work

...and What You'll Get

As Life Coach & NLP Practitioner,
I’ll help you with:

1) Discovering who You really, really are at the core

2) Uncovering & removing the hidden obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams

3) Crafting a strategy & a goal achievement plan, igniting a burning motivation that will make you unstoppable

4) Moving forward and empowering you with vital skills, tools & techniques for success

5) Ensuring you constantly move towards your goals being accountable for you

Although my clients think there’s a magic in what I do, there’s nothing mystic in that.

In fact, as a Co-Active Coach® & NLP Practitioner my approach is based on the latest neuroscience research which teach us how the brain works, how behavioural patterns are formed and how to change them.

Since a different action = a different reaction, what I do is to empower my clients with potent tools that change the way they think, act and behave, triggering the desired outcome.

My area of focus are personal, career & business.

Coaching Tools
My Personal Development Toolbox helps you achieve your goals

When do You Need to Get Coached?

Anytime you have a goal in mind, or you’re struggling with:

  • Low productivity
  • Sticking to a plan
  • Keeping a stable love life
  • Moving out of your comfort zone
  • Feeling trapped in the wrong career
  • Feeling overwhelmed and over-stressed
  • Standing up for yourself at work & in society
  • Achieving those things you always wanted to do
  • Giving up when results don’t come immediately
Specific areas we can work on
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Business start-up
  • Time management
  • Focus/Commitment
  • Procrastination
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication skills
  • Addictions/bad habits
  • Motivation/energy levels
  • Career shifting

Working together, you’ll transform them quickly & effectively, so you can build a solid foundation for your future.

...and Between the Sessions?

I’ll be your trusted confidant, walking by your side in between the sessions to ensure you stay on track and motivated. And if you feel lost, discouraged, or need of a boost of self-confidence, I’ll provide you with strategic guidance.

Since this level of commitment requires full attention & dedication, I only take on board a


and I keep a priority list to avoid any disappointment.

Life Coaching Clients

I Will Meet You...

…in my office in front of the British Museum, Central LondonView Map

…or via Skype in the comfort of your own house or office.

Coaching via skype

Curious to try my style and my ability to inspire, motivate & energise you?

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