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How To Stop Feeling Demoralised In Front Of New Challenges

Sent on 6th April 2024

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Hey there!

It's Bruna here 👋 happy weekend!

In this month's issue, we’ll delve into how the brain influences our perception of challenges and, most importantly… what to do about it. Ever wondered why new challenges often feel like insurmountable mountains? Check out the tool that will help you shift this dynamic and make you comfortable with anything that life throws at you!

It will take you about 4 minutes and 9 seconds to read it, and you'll walk away with:

  • Insights into how your brain works
  • The reason why new challenges feel so daunting
  • A tool to shift your mindset and boost your self-esteem

What’s the n. 1 job of the brain?

You may have read it many times by now… your brain’s n. 1 job is to keep you safe; it is wired indeed to prioritise spotting threats. So, when things go wrong and you dwell on them for hours, it's not about you lacking confidence… it's just how your brain operates (and for good reasons).

When your brain perceives a threat, it immediately sends a signal to the endocrine systems, which quickly releases cortisol. This hormone's job is to shut down your ability to think in favour of fighting, flying or freezing (exactly what you should do if you were in real danger).

The problem is… sometimes your brain misinterprets facts, sensing threats where there are none, or at least none that would put your life at risk.


This may happen when you're facing a new, unexpected challenge: if you're not fully aware of your value and strengths, your brain may perceive the new challenge as a daunting mountain and believe that you're not well-equipped enough to climb it.

Understanding this is key to gaining greater control of your emotions and reactions.

Let’s put it this way: if you’ve spent more time dwelling on what went wrong in your life rather than investigating what you did well and why, you simply didn’t give your brain the chance to register your “equipment”: that’s why the new mountains feel so daunting. Despite the many mountains you climbed so far, you still feel naked in front of a new one.

Throughout your life you’ve accumulated an enormous amount of experience, determination, resilience, muscles and gifts.

Ensure your brain is well aware of that!


So it’s about taking the time, from now on, to reflect on your past and current successes and identify what made them happen. There’s generally a powerful combination of gifts, desire, passion, values, vision and more. Discover what they are, and you’ll never feel naked anymore.

So let's get practical now… grab a piece of paper and your favourite tea/coffee and let’s embark on this beautiful self-discovery journey:

  • Step 1: Draw a timeline of your life, reflect on the biggest mountains you climbed (i.e. your GCSE exams, your first date, your first day living on your own etc) and draw them on the timeline.

  • Step 2: Before each ‘mountain’ write how you felt, explore what your fears/doubts/concerns were in the days before you tackled them. Be as specific and detailed as possible.

  • Step 3: Think about how you felt when you finally climbed that mountain and won your challenge (passed the exams, had a great date, succeeded at living on your own etc).

  • Step 4: Write how you felt in that moment and enjoy that beautiful feeling again. Then with all the compassion you have, smiling back at the sweet, fearful and doubtful younger you who felt so small before climbing that mountain.

  • Step 5: Then reflect on what made it possible for you to successfully climb that mountain. Ask yourself:
  • What gifts/personal characteristics/values/skillset/vision made it possible to succeed?
  • What specific strategy/tactic helped you?
  • What support/resources did you find that helped you?
  • How did you prepare for it? How did it help you? What steps made you successful?

You see how easy it is?

Help your brain see the evidence of your greatness and watch your confidence soar. No mountain will ever feel intimidating to a person who owns their value. Trust my words!

Here you can see a few examples of how my clients drew their timeline and mountains, get some inspiration!

My clients often say that this tool had a hugely positive impact on how they feel about themselves and on the way they approach new challenges now.

Let me know what impact this exercise will have on you, as usual I love to read your stories.

See you next month, same place, same time.

Have a fab weekend,
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