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Did these scenes hurt you?

You know the truth is we can’t keep perpetrating such horror.
We can do much better than this, don’t we?
And the fashion system isn’t the only guilty one, the tech industry is getting even worse.

It puzzles me that the people who really have the power to change that (people like you and me), are actually feeling helpless about it.

The fact is that even though we know compulsive consumption is detrimental for us, for the others and for the environment, we are often clueless on how to get out of this crazy spiral. Or, at least, how to stem it.

#MakeThemShine is a campaign born to bring alternative ideas to meaningless presents.
It aims at turning compulsive gift-shopping into thoughtful purchases.

Don’t get me wrong: I love giving and getting presents as much you do, so we’re not talking about dropping our Christmas/birthday traditions. It’s about adopting a more sustainable gift-mindset that will nurture our lives instead of abusing our planet.

#MakeThemShine will do just that: to generate awareness about sustainable and thoughtful gifts as opposed to physical products. Starting from this Christmas.

Original Gifts

How would you feel if your gift contributed to making your loved ones’ life healthier and happier?
How proud would you be if you could see them smiling more and complaining less?
And what if you could treat them with something that makes them growing, building confidence, advancing in their career? Or maybe redesigning their lifestyle or learning something that opens new opportunities for the future?

You can easily make such an impact in their lives as well as in the environment. You just have to Think & Act differently, from this Christmas onwards, knowing you’re not alone on this path. And if you like the concept but are clueless about thoughtful gifts, here’s just a list of ideas to inspire you.

(…and if you can’t afford any of this – or you just want to make happy more people than your pocket can afford – there’s also a list of ideas that won’t cost you a penny and still #MakeThemShine).

Enjoy it, and please add any other idea you may have in the comments below. Thank You!

Up to £ 15
  • Reserve a spot in a Yoga/Pilates Class
    Perhaps they'll love it and will start doing it regularly, bringing health and peace in their life. With this present you're really likely to help them change their life for the better!
  • Buy a Powerful Self-Help Book
    A cheap yet powerful way to help them moving forward in their life. Choose something that's relevant to the circumstances they're in - here's a selection of books.
  • Get an Online Course on Udemy
    Udemy is an online teaching platform with thousands of courses about literally everything (including how to swim!) Many quality courses cost as little as £10!
  • Sign them up for a Talk/Workshop
    Hundreds of interesting choices on Eventbrite or Funzing: choose the most relevant for your loved ones or just surprise them with something totally new!
Up to £ 50
  • Bring them to a Sound Healing Gong Session
    Let them try a Gong session that will massage them inside out and wash away any tension so they will feel powerful, relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Book a Tennis/Squash/Golf group class
    If they're feeling bored, they'll surely benefit from trying a new, reinvigorating sport that will bring them new friends too.
  • Prearrange a Make up and/or Hair style service
    Make her feel like a Diva booking a personalised style service, perhaps at their home? Surely will boost their mood!
  • Secure an Outdoor Activity
    Who doesn't love reconnecting with nature, breath fresh air and enjoy the pleasure of an outdoor acitivity? Have a look at Guided Walk Tour, Hiking adventure or just meetups that organise outdoor activities.
Up to £ 100
  • Place an Individual Tennis/Squash/Golf Lesson
    It could be the beginning of a new, exciting adventure in a activity they love. Choose carefully, investigate about their tastes, but also their physical constraints.
  • Bring them to a TEDx Event
    Who wouldn't love to attend a TEDx Event? The Talks will inspire your loved ones teaching them something new. Great for those who're naturally curious and love live events. Find the next local TEDx Events here.
  • Arrange a Language Lesson
    Perhaps there's a holiday lined up? Nothing better than giving a boost to their desire to learn that language. Often available via Skype too, it might be the beginning af an exciting journey into a new culture! (For a lesson on Italian language and/or culture and traditions, Look here!)
  • Put on a Theatre Evening
    Find something that suit their tastes and bring them to a show that will leave a long lasting impression. Perhaps something so good that will make them think, laugh, cry and smile in as little as a couple of hours? Theatre have this power.
  • Buy a Personal Journal
    It's proved that taking the time to reflect on the day and focusing on gratitude and appreciation have an immense positive impact in our lives. With a 5 minutes journal (you can find cheaper versions too) you can help them developing a habit that will make them more grounded, self-aware and positive. It deserves a try!
Over £ 100
  • Buy a Life Coaching Session - Gift Voucher
    Treat them with a Life Coaching Session that will give them a vision of a future that will make them jump out of bed on Mondays mornings! Get a voucher here.
  • Ink a Personal Photoshoot
    Make them shine inside and outside with a personal photoshoot that will make them feel their beauty and uniqueness. They'll remember this experience for all their lives, and they will be grateful for that boost of confidence you gave them. P.S.: Andy Barker made me shine on my pics for the website, isn't it? Highly recommended indeed!
  • Secure them a spot on a Coaching Package
    Investigate if they have a favourite Life Coach and if he/she sells online packages: through videos, workbooks and skype sessions your loved ones will benefit of a massive breakthrough in their lives.
  • Sign them up to a Public Speaking Club
    If you help them improving their communication, you're definitely helping them increasing their confidence and relationships. Communication is key nowadays, and the ability to spread your ideas with confidence is a must. In a Toastmasters Club they can get that, plus loads of fun! Find a Toastmasters club here.
  • Book a Session with a Nutritionist/Health Coach
    In such hectic life it's easy to get lost in the doing and forget the being! A nutritionist and/or a health coach will help building a plan that meets their need and will help them perform at their best.
No Money? No prob!

There’s actually no need to spend money when we want to treat someone with something thoughtful. Something as simple as booking a Free Taster Session, for example, shows how much you care about the person and has no money involved. That way you give them the chance to try out something they’ve never considered before, opening the door to a new possible path, or just simply something they were too busy to find out what it is.
If your desire is to help them shine, they’ll love to see you spent time thinking about them and their growth.

So what’s next? You could:

  • Book a Life Coaching Free Taster Session
    Many Life Coaches give a free taster session to show people what benefit they can get from working with them, and that's available via Skype too so they can literally be anywhere in the world. You could book one as an invite for your loved one to try something you believe will help them shine brightly. You can book a Free Taster Session with me here.
  • Find a Free Top Rated University Course
    Did you know many top rated universities around the world give free online courses? If your loved one wants to change career or gain a new skill, what a better gift than receiving the news they can do that for free? Just search on the most appropriate for them.
  • Offer to Babysit/Dogsit
    Nothing will make a busy person happier than having a few hours to indulge on themselves with someone trustworthy is looking after their kids or pets. Just the idea of having a few spare hours will make them shine and love you a lot!
  • Secure a Free Yoga/Pilates class
    Many Yoga Centre offer the first class for free. Find one close to your loved ones' home and invite them to try, it will cost you nothing and they'll love your thought. Very likely to bring inner hapiness.
  • Bring them to an unforgettable Volunteering Experience with you
    Surprise them bringing them to a volunteering experience that's related to their interests or causes close to their heart. If they're new to volunteering you'll make a lifelong lasting impression and will open the door and perhaps a new course of life?
  • Provide them with a list of Inspiring Movies/Books
    That hardly looks like a gift, I agree, but here's the fact: if someone is facing a hard time or challenge, they'll love nothing more than having a source of inspiration to refer to! This will say a lot about you and how much you care about that person. You can even search for those movies on YouTube to check see if they are made available. How would you feel if someone took the time to do a proper research just to help you shine?

Changing our gift-mindset is just a matter of awareness and ideas.
Now you have both, so the question is: what will you do to help them shine brightly?

This Christmas, make them happy, #MakeThemShine.

Have a Merry, Thoughtful Christmas you too!

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