Turn inspiring quotes into actionable fuel

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Here’s my collection of quotes for you:

How do they make you feel? Do you sense that nice little spark that makes you think “Wow, that’s right, I should remember that!” and then, invariably, forget it after 3 minutes?

Pity. But normal. Perhaps you never thought about having a strategy to make the most out of them.

Here’s mine, just to maximise inspiring quotes’ power and turn them into extra-fuel for your success.

1 – Choose the quotes that resonate with you the most right now.

2 – Read each quote out loud… feel it, sense it, absorb it.

3 – Write them on post-it and stick them somewhere so you’ll see them first thing in the morning.

4 – Every day, state the intention to put at least one of them into practice.

5 – Before taking relevant decisions, stop and let your brain reconnect with the meaning of those quotes. There’s surely one that you can practice in that situation, so ask yourself: “What could I do, here and now, to put that principle into practice?

Having your favourite quotes repeatedly in front of your eyes provides you with constant inspiration which will naturally lead you to inspired actions.
Just absorb them and let them sink in slowly, but consistently.

They’ll become your new guidelines in life and will help you Think & Act differently when you most need it.

And now I’m curious to know if there’s been a time when you consciously acted upon a quote you got inspired by?

Set inspiring quotes repeatedly in front of your eyes, so you’ll be naturally driven to take more inspired actions.