1:1 Leadership Coaching

How big are your challenges? What if you become bigger than them?

By working together on your Human Leadership style and Vertical Development, you will understand how your brain and nervous system work and how they impact human behaviour. Equipped with the understanding of “why” you and your team members behave in a certain way, you will expand your ability to interpret the world and increase your ability to connect, inspire and motivate your workforce.

Through the implementation of neuroscience research-based tools, frameworks and perspectives, you will:

  • Improve your performance and impact
  • Prioritise energy management vs time management
  • Develop executive presence and further your career
  • Enhance your virtual leadership
  • Develop Human Leadership over Business Leadership
  • Create a psychologically safe environment
  • Develop emotional agility and conversational intelligence

Horizontal Development = acquisition of new skills, knowledge and competencies.

Vertical Development = elevation of your level of consciousness, expanding your thinking, acting and leading capabilities.

The coaching provided was Bruna was the best part of the programme by far and gave me a strong, practical & personalised framework to drive towards a better me. Bruna’s focus on the brain and dynamics led to some interesting insights and I found our sessions incredibly useful.
Paul Manning – Head of Platforms, Visa

Through my neuroscience-based approach, you will learn the “neurochemistry of trust” and by focusing on

Human Leadership vs Business Leadership

you will expand your worldview and perspectives. You will become “response-able” rather than reactive, contributing to the development of conscious businesses and cultivate a growth-oriented culture. 

Working 1:1 on your vertical development, you will:

  • Improve your Public Speaking skills and get the audience on your side
  • Improve How you Think, Interpret & React in challenging situations
  • Change unconstructive behaviour and unhelpful mental models
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence and spark creativity
  • Use your Intuitive Intelligence as a conduit for progress
  • Develop your Charisma and Executive Presence
  • Think Strategically and communicate effectively
  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Make Brilliant Decisions Under Pressure
  • Empower & Inspire your collaborators
  • Resolve Conflicts constructively

Leaders say

  • I’ve felt enormously privileged to have had Bruna as a leadership coach over the last 12 months. Her approach is evidence-based, and science-led, which absolutely aligned to my wants and needs.

    Each engagement and item of work made sense and was clearly linked to a cohesive plan which was updated regularly. Bruna’s depth of knowledge, particularly around cutting-edge thinking is impressive, and she was consistent in bringing innovative approaches to the dilemmas and problems I shared with her.

    Perhaps most importantly, I was quickly able to build a strong trust-based relationship with Bruna, which led to valuable discussions and work on areas that were both challenging and sensitive. She was able to tap into my motivations and values and transform the view I had of me and the leadership challenges I faced.

    I highly recommend Bruna to those who are ready to take the next step in their leadership growth.

    Andrew Sparry
    Head of Cyber & Enterprise Innovation at Capital One
  • I worked with Bruna for five months as part of a Leadership Essentials programme at work. The coaching provided by Bruna was the best part of the programme by far and gave me a strong, practical & personalised framework to drive towards a better me. Bruna’s focus on the brain and dynamics led to some interesting insights and I found our sessions incredibly useful. Bruna helped me (re-)discover some of my true values and to better align my objectives and actions to honour those values. I’m far from the finished article, but certainly in a much better place thanks to the great engagement and work by Bruna – both in terms of myself, my self-image, the way I build relationships and much more besides. Passionate about her work and a great coach, she’s certainly helped me on my journey and I’d recommend her to others. 

    Paul Manning
    Head of Platform, Visa
  • Thank you so much, Bruna, you genuinely have been one of the biggest help and blessings in 2020, taking me through coaching skills for over 5/6months. I have learnt a lot from you and gained insight on how to better coach my team members. thank you for your patience, great energy, and your work ethics. Really appreciate it. Would 100% recommend Bruna. Thank you.

    Akua Fosu
    Diligence Manager at Visa
  • I started working with Bruna during a challenging time – in the middle of the Covid lockdown and while participating remotely in a leadership training. I was juggling too many hats and had a tough time with time management and prioritization.

    Through Bruna’s science-based and directive, yet open coaching, I have managed to understand myself better, communicate better, and prioritize better. I can highly recommend reaching out to Bruna if you feel stuck, want to learn about yourself, and develop your skills. I have always left Bruna’s coaching sessions feeling better than before and more focused and engaged.

    Søren Smidt Olsen
    Director, Nordics Advisory Lead hos Salesforce
  • I was lucky enough to be matched with Bruna for coaching recently and have enjoyed our sessions immensely. I’m not new to coaching, but I have never come across a better coach than Bruna.
    The biggest breakthrough for me was exploring my unique gifts and understanding how these can be used as a lens through which to decide the next step in my career journey. Bruna has such a depth of knowledge into how the brain works, and I think this is what makes her such an effective coach. I learnt so much from our sessions.
    I’d recommend Bruna to anyone who is looking to explore the next step in their career or work through finding their purpose.

    Ciarae Schumann
    Director, Customer Success Enablement at Salesforce
  • Coaching sessions with Bruna have been a wonderful experience from day one. Her passion for neuroscience combined with broad psychology knowledge make her method powerful yet incredibly practical. I left each session feeling energized and having a clear plan for the next steps towards my goal. Throughout the process, I understood more about myself and got free from some of my limiting thought patterns and habits. I would highly recommend Bruna to anyone looking to elevate their professional and personal journey.

    Senior Brand & Marketing Expert at Solarisbank AG
  • My sessions with Bruna were practical and effective. Her enquiry techniques and useful resources provided immediate results to change my paradigm and give me clarity.

    Bruna is warm and genuine; we hit it off from the first session!

    I highly recommend Bruna as an excellent coach.

    Valentina Oyewunmi Rotimi, MBA
    People and Organisation Business Partner at SolarisBank
  • Bruna is an excellent coach who is personable and lovely to work with. She truly cares about your development and will help to get on the right path by sharing interesting techniques and encouraging to self-reflection.

    Bruna is an expert in emotional intelligence and leadership behaviour, which was very useful for the time I spent with her.

    I highly recommend working with Bruna!

    Sandra Januszewski
    Senior Technical Recruiter Facebook Reality Labs at Facebook
  • Bruna is an experienced leadership and executive coach offering a high level of insight and hard work. With her dedication and professionalism, Bruna consistently over-delivers coaching and training that spark long-lasting behavioural change.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Bruna as a leadership coach and corporate trainer.

    Craig Hartwell FRGS
    Founder Wots Hot Group: Sustainable Construction, FinTech, Media
  • Bruna was my professional coach for over 12 months and it was an amazing experience – I’d never had a professional coach before and I just wish I’d done it sooner. She provided me with a scientific and methodical approach to building out my and my team’s goals and helped me develop techniques in delivering feedback in a constructive and effective manner. She helped me build out my own value structure, goals and professional and personal compass and mapped on to that neuroscientific elements on how people feel, react and gain insights in certain situations. We formed a close professional bond, she challenged me, she supported me and she coached me into a better professional. We will work again in the future for sure …… She’s also awesome and that helped too! Good luck Bruna. Grazie mille!!

    Alex Lambert
    Senior SE Manager - UK&I Enterprise Accounts at Pure Storage
  • I had the great pleasure to meet Bruna this year and to join some of her great coaching sessions. Bruna’s coaching uses various methods from neuroscience, psychology, breathing, visualisation and many others helping you to achieve your full potential.

    I always came out of her sessions full of energy, determination and with clear and structured ideas to implement for my project.

    Thanks to Bruna, I have finally put the foundation of my project in place and can now move on to the next stage.

    Cecile Boyer
    Channel Manager - Nordic and Benelux at BeyondTrust
  • I loved working with Bruna – she carefully helped me understand and work on my opportunity areas and then provided clear and credible guidance that has genuinely helped me progress in my role.

    I’d wholeheartedly recommend Bruna to anyone looking for an exec coach to take them and their career to a new level.

    Oliver Stewart
    Head of Communications UK at Intuit
  • I’ve attended the Breakthrough Starts Now group coaching sessions and it is a brilliant course, Bruna is very knowledgeable, experienced and a well-organized coach; she has been able to make these sessions very interesting, likeable and fun.

    I really like Bruna’s positive thinking and her questions that make me think out of the box and arriving, sometimes, at unexpected insights that have already had a significant impact on my life.
    I have been able to employ the tips and skills learned with a significant result almost immediately.
    I’m really looking forward to discovering what will be the next session and very excited to start to apply the new tools to my personal and work life.

    Sabrina Guccini
    Operations Manager at Tom Ford
  • Saturday mornings with Bruna are enlightening. I love her group coaching sessions because they are an effective mix of discoveries and practical innercises: we’re learning how wonderfully powerful our brain is and how wise and trustworthy our gut is, and at the same time we’re concretely exercising them to make the most of our life.

    The sessions are giving me the tools I need to regain my self-confidence to achieve my goals in both my personal and work life. All this, together with a very knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic coach, is the gift I’m receiving during this difficult lockdown.

    So thank you, Bruna, for your precious gift, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years but never had the courage to start.

    Marialucia Fuschi
    Senior Ecommerce Manager at Swarovski
  • Bruna is a fantastic leadership and career coach!

    She is extremely personable and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with her. Bruna helped me unlock certain habits that were inflicting self-doubt and causing me irritation in both my career and personal life.

    I discovered a lot about myself during our sessions and in completing the self-reflection activities I was set; I left each session feeling elevated, I would highly recommend Bruna!

    Hollie Smith
    Senior Marketing Manager EMEA at Topia

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Bruna has such a depth of knowledge into how the brain works, and I think this is what makes her such an effective coach.
Ciarae Schumann – Director, Customer Success Enablement at Salesforce

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