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Words from My Audience

She gave great, inspirational advice to our students

Lucy Brookes

Bruna facilitated our career focused panel discussion with great vivacity and charm. Her passion for life and expertise within the charity sector was particularly engaging and she gave great, inspirational advice to our students. Bruna was a great Chair keeping the discussion on track, however I can see that she would be an excellent keynote or workshop lead given her natural ability to connect with the audience and wealth of advice to share.

Lucy Brookes
University of York

She listens to you without judging

Dora Korsos

I attended Bruna’s workshop […] and I had the chance to speak to her, she is the kind of person who makes you feel this is not the first time you met, but you actually know each other. She listens to you without judging and she is asking you the right questions. I’m glad I met Bruna and hope to meet her again in the future.

Dora Korsos

Brilliant! She is such a charismatic and energetic person

Gaynor Smith

Brilliant! She is such a charismatic and energetic person that she’s really easy to listen to. This is not your average careers talk- it’s about finding what makes your soul sing- so it’s a creative and spiritual process! Bruna is an open, warm, fun person who is clearly passionate about what she does and I’m really keen to work with her again. Thank you.

Gaynor Smith

Bruna facilitated an excellent talk

Gemma Witt

Bruna facilitated an excellent talk on working in the charity sector as part of our recent Employability Festival here at the University of Kent. She discussed working in the sector- both the positives and the challenges and provided students with practical exercises to help them in their career thinking and planning. I would be happy to have her on campus working with our students again.

Gemma Witts
University of Kent

Engaging, passionate, fun, motivational and fantastic

Sian Pickard

“Engaging, passionate, fun, motivational and fantastic” are all words used by students to describe Bruna’s session for us. Her warmth and genuine enthusiasm for her work make her a pleasure to work with and we look forward to further projects in the future.

Sian Pickard
University of Bedfordshire

Bruna connected on such emotional level

Luca Marengo

I attended Bruna’s workshop and it helped me to clarify the steps I need to take to move on towards my goals. Bruna awakened my needs and dreams, and I left the workshop highly inspired. Bruna connected on such emotional level! it was great to listen to her, her story and her advice. Now I want to keep working in this direction!

Luca Marengo

Bruna is very enthusiastic

Györgyi Szombati

It was a great talk, very practical. Bruna is very enthusiastic and she managed to open up my eyes in a lot of ways. Since then I am much more enthusiastic and positive about my future career.

Györgyi Szombati

Her ability to make you think differently

Peter Ambler

Bruna was great to work with in setting up the day’s workshop and provided a very thorough and detailed workshop which all the young people present got a lot out of. What was particularly great was Bruna’s knowledge in this area and her ability to make you think differently about things in a really positive and constructive way. Bruna is very responsive, always looking to reach any group or individuals she is working with and that made the day’s workshop really valuable.

Peter Ambler

Passionate and high skilled speaker

Bruna is a great talented life coach and speaker. She talks about all the steps to succeed in your career change and all the advice not to remain in bad situations. She did a participative debate in order to answer to live questions and took time to finish the talk till 9:20. Passionate and high skilled speaker!! I fully recommend her talk.


The workshop was full of interactive activities

Katherine Florez Serna

Bruna provided great value to our Open Days, giving our students tools to find the right career path for them based on their values, principals and personal-mission. The workshop was full of interactive activities and tasks that they were able to take home and evaluate on their own – a well thought-out workshop and encouraging speaker with great experience in her field – Thank you for helping us make our Open Days a success!

Katherine Florez Serna
Arden University

You are one in a million.

Raphael Samuels

Your workshop was excellent and it helped me when you shared your personal story and journey. You have opened my mind to possibilities and that I can break free from any stagnation or cycle of unfulfillment. How you explained how we should handle our fears was great. Thanks for listening and making me feel understood[…] I see myself flying now and doing what fulfills me in life and destiny. I’m grateful our paths have crossed. You are one in a million.

Raphael Samuels

Her smile and positive energy were communicative

Bruna is very professional and I appreciated her sincerity when sharing her own experience. She was attentive to everyone, her smile and positive energy were communicative. I found that she delivered her talk in a clear, simple, structured and, as a result, a quite powerful way. She paid attention to people’s reactions and at the end devoted some extra time to meeting everyone of us and answering our questions. Whether or not you are thinking of changing career, it is refreshing talk for anyone who struggles to find a work/personal life balance, feels something may be missing in their lives or simply feels a bit lost, a bit out of touch with themselves. You will leave re-energised and wanting to offer – as well – what you can do best.. what resonates with your soul…or, if you don’t know what that is, to be a bit more curious about yourself.

Morgane Lapeyre

Bruna is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker

sarah heissat

Bruna is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker. I liked her transparency and all the insights she brought into the talk. Feeling a bit confused about my future career plans, I attended her talk in June 17, hoping to get some answers. Bruna showed me how to see things from a different angle and change my perspective on career goals/opinions. It gave me some highlights about how to approach some situations, doubts, confusion… and the right questions to ask myself to find the answers. Those career coaching tips I received can be also applied into your personal life. Very satisfied. I will definitely attend again.

Sarah Heissat

I feel very inspired that I can reach my goals

Great talk, I feel very inspired that I can reach my goals and make that career change. Thanks so much Bruna, I hope the TedTalk goes well. Annette


She is genuine and passionate

Bruna was an amazing, warm and enthusiastic host that gave a very inspiring and heartfelt talk. You could tell she is genuine and passionate by what she does, which was encouraging. The talk itself was really interesting, and I was familiar with a few concepts but still found out lots of new stuff I didn’t know and which I know will help me in my journey to discover the right career for me. I had a great and inspiring evening and would definitely attend one of Bruna’s talks or events again in the future. Thank you!


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