BRUNA DE PALO London, UK and Internationally      +44 (0) 745 0804523
BRUNA DE PALO London, UK and Internationally      +44 (0) 745 0804523

Make a Change

Turn Your Hopes Into Reality

Italian Executive & Life Coach in London

At times you know a certain aspect of your life has to change, but despite the initial enthusiasm, you have no clue how to make that change. How do you move on?

Simple: You work with me and together we’ll make you Think & Act differently so you can Turn Your Stuckness Into Movement.

Side effects include: explosion of confidence, lit-from-within glow, infusion of assertiveness & resilience.

“Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.”

Michelle Obama

Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful.
The Make a Change Package
it's a step by step framework to make a significant change in your life, career and business.
Make a change

The “Make a Change” package is perfect for you, if you:

1) Want to be CLEAR on what you really want & what’s really holding you back
2) Lack focus & discipline to change
3) Feel lost, unbalanced and confused
4) You easily lose track when you try to change

Here’s what you’ll get:

1) Crystal vision of your “new” future
2) A solid strategy to achieve your Goal
3) Confidence, focus and discipline to keep moving no matter what
4) Vertical growth that will make your life more enjoyable

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." Frank Zappa
Learn how to Think & Act differently with me.

You’ll love the journey, as it includes a rich set of practical ideas, concepts, workbooks & frameworks that will help you change your mindset & behaviours, so you can achieve… well, anything!

P.S. With this package, expect to be constantly challenged… and to cry, to laugh, to be surprised by yourself, to embrace success, to sweat, to go deep & to celebrate. At the very least!

Our Sessions Will Be

In my private space, in Central London

Career Change advice

…or via Video Call, in the comfort
of your own Home or Office.

Skype Coaching

The Package

The Make a Change it’s a proven, personalised 12 weeks package that makes you Think & Act differently so you can make that significant change you long for, and includes:

* Six 75-minute coaching sessions (face to face or via Video Call)
* Powerful, personalised Workbooks & Guides to help you Think & Act differently
* Tools & Techniques to boost your confidence, assertiveness, resilience
* Support to your growth via email/phone
* Accountability for you taking actions
* Your account on my app, where you can track your progress, analyse metrics and report, write your journal, and much more!

Warning: rapid soul growth ahead!

Get your 20 mins Coaching with me

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What my Clients say...

An intense and highly rewarding process

I feel capable of turning my vision into reality. Instead of feeling trapped in a cage, I now feel that Read more “An intense and highly rewarding process”


Bruna is energetic, really warm and she knows what you need

Now l feel stronger and able to use all the tools she gave me; it’s a deep process, not only focused on the career, but also on who you really are. Read more “Bruna is energetic, really warm and she knows what you need”

Helena Antonio

The energy, commitment and attention brought to her life coaching sessions through were impressive

Bruna was the unofficial campaign manager behind the ‘Davinia’ Re-Brand. Fact.

The energy, commitment and attention brought to her life coaching sessions through Seven Career Coaching were impressive, debunking several myths of mine, a few of… Read more “The energy, commitment and attention brought to her life coaching sessions through were impressive”

Davinia Bascombe

Bruna changed the way I was looking at myself and my life

I changed so many things in my life that (I wasn’t really aware!) were holding me back to become the real me. She freed me. Her workbooks, suggestions, hints, were and still are extremely helpful.
Read more “Bruna changed the way I was looking at myself and my life”

Roberta Murroni
What would you like to change, now, in your life?