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What is an inspirActional masterclass?

My InspirActional Masterclasses are a combination of inspiring concepts, stories, neuroscience findings and practical actions you can implement straight away. They include concrete tools you can work on after the session and the instructions to a "Build System" that keeps you motivated and accountable.
Upcoming masterclasses:

How To Create A Career Plan That Makes You Feel Alive At Work And Thrive

If your working day leaves you with no energy for your kids, partner and hobbies, you need to rethink your career from an entirely different perspective. But how? Where do you start, what do you do and what does "rethinking your career" concretely mean? 

This InspirActional Masterclass combines solid neuroscience theory and practical actions that will tell you, exactly, what you should reconsider, do, when and how.

Companies such as Google, Samsung, American Express and many others hire me to share this framework with their employees so they can make career choices that will make them feel alive and thrive at work: now, you can take advantage of this framework and tool too!

You'll learn how the human brain works and what you need to do (or stop doing) to enhance its function so that you can feel alive and thrive.

You will also get the Fully Alive Career Plan Tool that helps you build your own internal compass (who you are, how you respond to certain stimuli and so on) that you will use to make decisions you will never regret.

...and the best part? You'll stop second-guessing your decisions in your personal life too, meaning you'll feel more confident, assertive and decisive.

Blending inspiration and practical actions, this masterclass includes:

- Part one: How your brain works, why you're not fulfilled and what to do about it

- Part two: How to rediscover who you are and make the career changes needed to feel alive at work

- Bonus Tool: Your Fully Alive Career Planning Tool with all you need to develop your vision, your plan, your measurement, plus tips to shorten your journey.

I've made it super simple for you to build your internal compass and use it to make right decisions. Join the masterclass and you'll be blown away by what you'll discover about yourself!

For more information: "How to plan your career so that you'll feel alive at work" 

Best masterclass ever! Bruna is the absolute best Coach. I literally love every second of it, leant so much, the content was amazing. Super interactive and fun. By far the most impactful session of all. I really wish we had more sessions with her. I wish I had more stars to give. Thanks so much Bruna. Life changing masterclass! 

How to influence others


The masterclass was on how to influence people and make them like us. Seeing by how we all loved Bruna I think she fits the role perfectly!

How to nail your next interview (and wow the recruiter!)


A masterclass that speaks my language, quality and fascinating information. For me, this is the heart of interpersonal human communication. Give me more of that 🙂

How to negotiate your salary


Very enriching content, I took quite a few points from the class that will accompany me not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life.

Effective communication and empowering feedback


How to develop Human Leadership


Rediscover who you are


How to build your personal brand


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Next InspirActional Masterclass:

How To create a career plan that makes you feel alive at work and thrive

 Join my InspirActional Masterclass for in-depth insights and actionable steps to build a career plan that ensures you feel alive and will never regret your choices.

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Download my Masterclass Corporate series:

"Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Leaders"

Check out the neuroscience-based masterclass I'm running for top brand to help leaders navigate uncertainty, volatility, crisis, conflicts and more!

I am an International Sales Expert, and I attended Bruna’s lecture about “Influencing Techniques”. Bruna caught our attention and got us all intrigued. I believe anyone who hires Bruna will benefit a lot. I got a few vital tools that I will use in my future career. Thanks, Bruna!

Shai BarEI

International Sales & Customer Success

I highly recommend this masterclass series. Thesy are relevant and fantastic for helping you make sense of the current situation and also how to realise your true & full potential. Bruna explains the science behind the thinking & then gives the group tips & techniques on how to raise your self-esteem, de-stress, and how to create a vision for your future.
I have recommended Bruna to lots of my friends already. Don’t hesitate to sign up!

Ailsa Bannerman

Congratulations Bruna!!! It was a highly motivational session with a completely new approach that revolves around the human brain; so complex but also so amazing!! Your contagious energy, combined with an evidence-based approach to work and personal life, is a precious gift I will carry with me and honour throughout my career path!

Arianna Biagi

Competitive Tender Process PMO at Johnson & Johnson

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