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What is an inspirActional Workshops/Masterclass?

My InspirActional Workshops & Masterclasses are designed to perfectly blend inspiring concepts, stories, neuroscience findings and practical actions you and your team can implement straight away. They include concrete tools you can work on after the session and the instructions to a "Build A System" that keeps everyone motivated and accountable, including a tracking system and progression assessment plan. Choose the topics that best fit your needs and get in touch. 

Customised workshops available too.


Ask questions, enquire about availability or share your needs and let's talk. 


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InspirActional Workshops immediately available

How To Develop Human Leadership 

(for new leaders, have a look at my program “Turning managers into leaders”)

  • How to increase your impact and create a psychologically safe environment#
  • Why you should Include: how to create a really inclusive environment
  • How to maximize your leadership potential to drive change in the organization
  • Use your intuitive intelligence as a conduit for progress
  • How to develop a growth mindset
  • How to Change unconstructive behaviours
  • How to delegate smarter, better and happier
  • How to empower, inspire and motivate your team to achieve better results

The masterclass was on how to influence people and make them like us. Seeing by how we all loved Bruna I think she fits the role perfectly!

Amanda M.

Self-efficacy, productivity and balance

Best masterclass ever! Bruna is the absolute best Coach. I literally love every second of it, leant so much, the content was amazing. Super interactive and fun. By far the most impactful session of all. I really wish we had more sessions with her. I wish I had more stars to give. Thanks so much Bruna. Life changing masterclass! 

Chrystal S.

  • Be a more effective decision-maker and make decisions that stick
  • Develop your charisma and executive presence
  • Improve how you think, interpret & react in challenging situations
  • How to make brilliant decisions and stay cool under pressure
  • Understand and maximize functions of the human brain and nervous system
  • How to take control of your emotions and overcome fear
  • How to have more insights and rely safely on your intuitions
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence and inspire your team
  • How to achieve and sustain peak performance
  • How to increase mental energy, maximize time and reduce stress
  • Improve your productivity, performance and impact

Effective Communication

  • How to handle high-stakes conversations
  • How to provide (and receive) constructive and impactful feedback
  • How to solve conflicts constructively
  • How to think strategically and communicate effectively
  • Become a more effective communicator in public
  • How To Influence Others

Very enriching content, I took quite a few points from the class that will accompany me not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life.

Marcus B.

Career Development

A masterclass that speaks my language, quality and fascinating information. For me, this is the heart of interpersonal human communication.
Give me more of that :)

Leonard S. 

  • How To Create A Career Plan That Makes You Feel Alive At Work And Thrive
  • Rediscover Who You Are and Find your purpose
  • How to negotiate your salary
  • How to Advance in your career and get promoted
  • Reshape your CV and Linkedin profile, and prepare for a top interview
  • How to Define, build and develop your personal brand
  • How To Nail Your Next Interview (And Wow The Recruiter!)
  • Practice effective job-hunting tactics

for corporate - empowering leaders

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"Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Leaders"

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I am an International Sales Expert, and I attended Bruna’s lecture about “Influencing Techniques”. Bruna caught our attention and got us all intrigued. I believe anyone who hires Bruna will benefit a lot. I got a few vital tools that I will use in my future career. Thanks, Bruna!

Shai BarEI

International Sales & Customer Success

I highly recommend this masterclass series. Thesy are relevant and fantastic for helping you make sense of the current situation and also how to realise your true & full potential. Bruna explains the science behind the thinking & then gives the group tips & techniques on how to raise your self-esteem, de-stress, and how to create a vision for your future.
I have recommended Bruna to lots of my friends already. Don’t hesitate to sign up!

Ailsa Bannerman

Congratulations Bruna!!! It was a highly motivational session with a completely new approach that revolves around the human brain; so complex but also so amazing!! Your contagious energy, combined with an evidence-based approach to work and personal life, is a precious gift I will carry with me and honour throughout my career path!

Arianna Biagi

Competitive Tender Process PMO at Johnson & Johnson

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