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My Road to TED

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TEDx University of Manchester
Me, joking with the idea of being soon on a TEDx stage

When my dream comes true… I feel others may have the same dream and my experience may help them achieving it, so…. here I am, sharing with you my own route to TED!

The magic day is the 17th March and it will be held at TEDx University of Manchester, where I’ll spend the most exciting 18 minutes ever!

Join my in this fabulous, enriching journey where I hope to inspire you to share your own experience and ideas on the dream stage!

>>>>>>To follow my “Route to TED“<<<<<<<<

TED career

23/02/2017  {-22}
Part 1 – Intro
Get to know how it all happened!

TED Talks26/02/2017 {-19}
Part 2 – Research & Study
What’s the first step to take when you have no idea where to start?

TEDx University of Manchester

3/03/2018 {-14}
Part 3The Dry Run
Have a look at what happened during the rehearsal…

What will be the next step?

I’ll reveal it in a couple of days!


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