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Intro Script

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, it is my privilege to introduce a speaker who will ignite our understanding of human behavior like never before. With a passion that delves into the very workings of the human brain, please welcome Bruna De Palo to the stage.

With a corporate journey spanning over two decades, Bruna is not just a coach – she's a guide who unlocks the secrets of the brain to empower leaders and teams. Her innovative approach has taken her into the heart of Fortune 500 boardrooms, where she reshapes thinking, action, and leadership.

Today, Bruna stands before us as a beacon of fresh insight, skillfully blending humor, solid theory, and dynamic practice. Prepare to be captivated by her vision of a new era – a realm of Human Leadership that cultivates brain-friendly, empowering, and thriving environments.

So, without further ado, let's embark on a journey of discovery, please join me in giving a warm welcome to our advocate of change and empowerment, Bruna De Palo!"

Short Bio

Unlocking human behavior through the brain's secrets is Bruna's passion. With 20+ years in corporate experience, she's a Neuroscience-based Coach who guides Fortune 500 leaders to fresh thinking and action. Her dynamic blend of humor, theory, and practice keeps audiences engaged, while she paves the way for a new era of Human Leadership.

Medium Bio

Bruna De Palo is a Neuroscience-based Executive and Team Coach with over 3000 hours of coaching experience. She coaches executives and teams from finance, banking, pharmaceutical, and tech giants, including Google, Meta, American Express, and more. Through her innovative neuroscience-based approach, she also teaches them how the human brain works in simple, practical, and tangible terms so that they can better understand what’s happening beneath the surface in themselves and others. Through her 1:1 and team coaching sessions, her clients learn how to decode human behavior, gaining a competitive edge in facing change and driving growth. If your job is to make a positive impact, hers is to help you make it faster by leveraging neuroscience.

Long BIO

The key to understanding human behaviour lies in understanding how the brain works and consciously exploiting its functions.

Bruna’s passion is explaining how the brain works in simple, clear and memorable terms so that leaders and teams excel in a people-centred business world.

Her fresh, innovative and forward-thinking approach helps leaders from Fortune 500 companies expand their thinking, acting and leading capabilities. As a seasoned Neuroscience-based Executive & Team Coach and sought-after Thinking Partner, with her InspirActional talks she keeps her audience on the edge of their seats by carefully mixing healthy humour, solid theory and dynamic practice.

With more than 20 years in the corporate arena, and with an impressive ability to bring cutting-edge neuroscience concepts to life through practical frameworks and tools, Bruna is not just about Business Leadership—she champions a new era of Human Leadership.

Bruna De Palo serves as your compass—a fervent advocate empowering leaders and teams to cultivate brain-friendly, supportive, and psychologically safe environments that foster collective thriving.

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