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Individual Gift Coaching Voucher


Want to help someone feeling stuck in their career? Treat them with a Coaching Gift Voucher that will guide them towards a breakthrough! It includes:

  1. 60-minute Coaching Session via Video Call – wherever they are in the world
  2. 20-minute Accountability Call after two weeks
  3. Premium Workbook to guide them towards their breakthrough
  4. Brain-based Tools & Techniques to help them make the most of their brain

When you buy the voucher, you will receive two files you can either print or send to the recipient via email:

  • The Voucher: it’s a nice way to inform them of the gift you’re treating them with
  • The Coaching Gift Sheet with all the information they need to have to make the most of your gift

Who is this Gift for? What are the benefits?

Read all you need to know here.

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