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DISCOVER YOUR GIFTS: Find Out What Makes You, You!



Do you know what makes you, you? Can you confidently list your top 10 gifts? Do you feel alive at work?

Look at the most fulfilled people you know: what do they have in common? They all work in careers which honour their gifts (both the ones they’re born with and the ones that they’ve earned through life’s experiences), they enjoy their work and they’re also successful at that.

This premium workbook will help you to discover what your gifts are, so that you can make any necessary changes within your career to ensure that you are expressing them every day. The key to feeling alive, in fact, is SELF-EXPRESSION. Get to know your gifts and then use that list as a compass to ensure you build a career where the Doing becomes a projection of your Being.

This is an impactful and interactive tool (22 pages workbook + 30+ minutes mini-masterclass) designed specifically to help you to identify what your natural and earned gifts are.

Through a series of exercises, which you’ll do on your own but also with your nearest and dearest friends, you’ll discover your gifts and passions, gaining a deeper understanding of your core identity and how you function, increasing your clarity on what’s next for you and therefore your confidence as Human Being.

Watch this short video to learn about the benefit of this inner work:


Watch this short video to learn about the benefit of this inner work:

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