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KNOW YOUR BRAIN: Recognise Your Inner Critic & Live Without Fear



Learning to recognise the voices within yourself is paramount to living free from the fears that have been imposed on you as a child. This workbook is part of my 1:1 Coaching Package and is by far the one that ALL my clients love the most: it has an immediate impact that will make your life “lighter” and easier by understanding how your brain works and how to tame the fear mechanism.

This Premium Workbook explains to you how your brain works and guides you towards the discovery of how you function so that you can be in control of your fear.

It includes 13 pages packed with:

  • 36-minute mini-masterclass on how the brain works and how you can handle your fear
  • Two exercises to understand the source of your inner critic and your life force and how to use them
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to turn all this into actionable steps for a lighter and easier life

What if you could always discern your intuition from your fear? What if you could always know when it’s time to push and when to stop? Now you can and it’s easier than you think. Give it a go, your whole life (and family) will benefit from this vital piece of inner work.


Watch this short video to learn about the benefit of this inner work:

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