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I'm lost and I don't really have a specific goal in mind, is the Bespoke Coaching Plan for me?

Yes, as the first step we’ll take is bringing you true clarity about what you want and need. It often happens that behind one of my clients’ goals or issues there’s a big, hidden one that we’ll spot and bring alive. So don’t worry about that, what’s really important to be effective is that you have a real desire to feel alive, move on, start new challenges and tackle your fears. We’ll do that together.

What results can I expect from each package?

A sensation of being alive that will make you feel you want more and more of it! Whether you have a specific goal in mind or not yet, you can expect to discover what would make you feel truly alive and what your purpose is. Then we’ll move you in that direction so you can achieve your goals and celebrate.

How do I know what package is right for me?

You’ll have your Free Taster Session anyway, and based on the outcome I’ll confirm if the package you chose is right for you, or I’ll suggest a more suitable one.

How fast will I experience results?

This will vary on your willingness to work hard. Some people need more time to start thinking & acting differently, and that’s absolutely fine. Others are much quicker, and that’s fine too. My job is to keep you motivated to work at your own, natural rhythm and pace.

What kind of support will I get?

You’ll get all the support you need, emotionally and practically. Each package includes follow-up calls, unlimited access via email and text and practical workbooks that will help you Think & Act differently and stay on track.

How much time do I need to devote to coaching/homeworks?

The coaching sessions usually last 60 minutes unless you’re in that kind of“Oh God, I Need a Miracle and I need it NOW!” state, in that case will last 120 minutes. The time you’ll devote to the activities that will move you towards your goal depends entirely on the process and so it can’t be calculated in advance. Expect to do something small on a daily basis which can be incorporated into your daily activities. and something specific that requires time and willpower. While keeping you motivated is my job, finding the time to honor the plan is entirely yours, and I’ll ensure you’ll be doing that.

What if I don't have time to do the homework?

There’s always time for homework that will make your life better, so you should always find the time if you’re seriously committed to move on and create a better future. Homework will be negotiated and scheduled around your commitments.

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