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Doing, Reading & Watching: a great selection for you to grow and get inspired.


Coursera.orgOnline Learning:
The best collection of World Wide Universities’ online courses, mostly free. You can learn anything you want from marketing to business development to finance and so on.

Udemy.comOnline Learning:
Still online courses, but not necessarily academic and so they cover a huge amount of categories. If you want to gain more skills for a career improvement/change, that’s the place for you!

BlinkistFor non-readers:
If you don’t really love reading, and yet you have a burning desire to learn, this app will make you happy. Listen to a smart summary of the best books ever, there’s a lot to learn here too.

Play chessGame: Play Chess
Whether you know the game or not, mind you this is the best way to train your brain to think strategically. And it’s also fun (when you win..!).


Change your habitsSuggestion: Change routine
Do things differently every day: change the sequence of your morning routine, take another route to go to work, call your mum more often (for non-Italians only!). Keep your brain alive.

Feel the fear and do it anway - Susan JeffersFeel the Fear… and do it anyway! – Susan Jeffers
This book is such a gem that its title has become one of the most used “saying” in the world. And it says it all. It gives you a whole different perspective re your fears and how to overcome them, providing you with useful tools to build your self-confidence and positive attitude.

You can heal your life - Louise Hay

You can heal your life – Louise Hay
Louise and her story have literally inspired millions of people around the world and will do that with you too, no doubts. “Change the way you think about yourself and you’ll change your whole world”. You’ll learn to ask for abundance in your life.

Influence - Robert Cialdini

Influence – Robert Cialdini
A must-read to understand how to influence people positively and naturally. You’ll learn how others are influencing you, consciously or subconsciously.  It increases your ability to communicate effectively and teaches you to be aware of manipulative techniques from others, marketing included.


TED Talk: Your body language shapes who you are – Amy Cuddy
Have you ever thought about the influence that your mind has on your body and vice-versa? Learn how to boost your self-confidence thanks to simple, but effective, poses.

TED Talk: The price of shame – Monica Lewinsky
A shivering speech from the first and most famous victim of cyber-bullies, who slowly arose from her ashes becoming an inspirational role model (I truly admire her).

Movie: Life is Beautiful – Roberto Benigni
A MUST! If you haven’t already, please watch it now! It will show you that the beauty is in the eyes of the observer, and much more. It will make you smile, cry, laugh, reflect and grow.

Movie: The Artist – Michel Hazanavicius
An inspirational, beautiful movie about “going through change” and it shows that no matter how hard it looks, changing is possible and necessary. It’s a mute movie: a masterpiece.

I’d also recommend having a look at Ignite where you can find plenty of short, interesting presentations about… well, anything!