Actions speak louder than words.

...that's why busy executives and senior professionals love my step-by-step guides and actionable tools. They speed up their inner work, keep them motivated and on track. Plus they're beautiful to look at, let's be honest!

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Bruna offered me an incredible set of tools to work on myself and my growth. And the amazing thing is that you can then work on your own for the rest of your life! 

Chiara D'Anna

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"Guided journal to increase self-awareness"

Develop a daily practice that makes you feel more present. 

Overall Rating: 5/5

The n. 1 step to become a better leader, feel alive at work and be balanced is to develop self-awareness. This guided journal keeps you focused on what matters, maximising your time, commitment and desire to grow.

  • Understand how you function
  • Become more present
  • Maximise your intuition


"Discover your values, make the right decisions"

Learn how to make the "right" decisions for you. 

Overall Rating: 5/5

Second guessing is a burden we can easily get rid of when we're clear on what's important for us and we use this as a compass in life and career. Learn how to make decisions that you'll never regret, whatever will be the outcome. 

  • Discover your values
  • Turn them into a compass
  • Ease your decision making process


"Increase your EQ: Rediscover your emotions"

Increase your EQ by expanding your emotional vocabulary.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Understanding yours and others' emotions gives you an enormous advantage in life, business and career. Start by learning how your body responds to certain stimuli and increase your emotional vocabulary to better communicate with others. 

  • Understand the role of emotions
  • Develop empathy
  • Communicate more effectively

Visualisation and action plan

"Meet your future-self: turn your vision into actionable steps"

Hear what your subconscious says and turn it into a plan. 

Overall Rating: 5/5

Your subconscious often carries the answers you're looking for, but accessing it is not easy. This guided visualisation will help you connect with the ideal vision of yourself in the future and make a concrete action plan that will take you there. 

  • Switch off your rational side
  • Connect with your future-self
  • Make a plan of actions

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Bruna is an amazingly inspirational coach.
Even after one session, my thoughts about myself and my career became clearer and more focused. I would highly recommend her to anyone lost about the direction their life and career are taking. 

Agata Rybicka

App Design for the Medical, Health, Fitness and Sport Industry

Bruna’s coaching methodology is very effective. Bruna allowed me to highlight and work on some aspects of my work and private life which allowed me to achieve the goals I wanted with more than excellent results.

Pierfrancesco Costantini

Product Technical Support Manager at Tenda Technology Italia

Bruna combines a consultative, supportive, genuine friend-like approach with a very impressive knowledge of human behaviour and the science of the brain. I could not recommend Bruna’s programme more highly; she has transformed the way I think about work and how it fits into my life goals more widely.

Amy Holdsworth

Talent Acquisition Manager at Zen Educate

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