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Keynote speaker in Leadership conferences and summits and international events where I talk about Human Leadership, Vertical Development and Fulfilment on top of other major subjects (see below). A multilingual speaker*, I am known for naturally blending neuroscientific concepts into humorous storytelling that captures attention, prompts action and makes change happen.

*English and Italian

Looking for a speaker that inspires your leaders to

Think & Act differently?

With the brain in mind, I design and deliver thought-provoking keynote speeches that help leaders optimise their brain functions and inspire their workforce, including:

  • How to move from Business Leadership to Human Leadership
  • Optimising the brain functions to create a conscious business
  • Re-engage employees by helping them bring who they are into what they do

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I deeply appreciated the communication always evidence and research-based, combined with clear and concrete examples coming from real life.
Simona Braghi, MD, PhD – Country Medical Director at Johnson & Johnson

My Signature Talk:

How To Bring A Sense of Aliveness At Work To Increase Performance 

Neuroscience shows that a sense of aliveness is vital to achieve and sustain peak performance as well as mental wellbeing, while global statistics still show that 3 in 4 employees feel disengaged at work, to the detriment of both.

To increase engagement, make it sustainable and improve retention we need to work on two sides:

  • Helping employees change the way they make career choices so that they focus on their sense of aliveness that, in return, boost their mental and physical health
  • Guiding leaders to foster environments where employees can fully express themselves at work

The problem:

Misleading mainstream information often makes leaders believe that disengagement is a motivational problem, while neuroscience proves that is a biological problem, so they ignore vital aspects of an effective re-engagement strategy. Without understanding the brain dynamics that trigger motivation, passion and creative thinking, leaders are at a loss in their attempt to innovate, inspire and re-engage their workforce.

The solution:

I help leaders connect the dots between the organisation’s needs and employees sense of purpose so they can inject more passion into what they do. Equipped with cutting-edge studies on brain functions optimisation, I deliver a thought-provoking, eye-opening and actionable talk that inspires leaders to optimise their team members’ innate biological drive for self-expression.

The result:

Leaders who attend the talk understand the neurological implications and mechanisms behind engagement and motivation, automatically shifting to a Human Leadership style that empowers their team members to find and use their hidden and underutilised innate gifts. As a result, employees feel seen, heard and encouraged to bring who they are into what they do which boosts their sense of aliveness, collaboration, creative thinking, ability to innovate and cognitive functions. In return, the organisation benefit from a positive, growth-oriented culture that increases talent retention, innovation and flexibility.

For more information contact me via bruna@brunadepalo.com
or book a call to discuss budget, content and availability.

About Training and Facilitation

Areas of speciality:

Human Leadership

  • Change management
  • People empowerment
  • Effective communication
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Developing charisma and executive presence

Soft Skills

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Behavioural change
  • Growth mindset
  • Navigating uncertainty
  • Resolve conflicts constructively
  • Public speaking
  • Developing resilience
  • Mental agility


  • Career change
  • Develop a career plan
  • Transiting to a higher role
  • Building a personal brand
  • CV and Interviewing skills

Bruna’s positive thinking and insights have already had a significant impact on my life. I have been able to employ the tips and skills learned with a significant result almost immediately.
Sabrina Guccini – Operations Manager at Tom Ford

My training programme and courses

Leadership Training Course:

Turning Managers into Leaders

Human Leadership:
connecting development with daily work.

The neuroscience-based training, hands-on programme “Turning Managers Into Leaders” pivoted on Human Leadership versus the obsolete business leadership style. Aiming at developing more conscious businesses, it empowers managers with the level of consciousness necessary to succeed in a people-focused business world.

Learn more about the program that turns managers into leaders ->

Training Course for Coaches:

Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Coaches

ICF accredited 6-day training course

My ICF accredited 6-day, experiential course “Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Coaches” created for the global coaching academy “Animas Centre for Coaching” it’s a highly interactive programme that teaches coaches the neuroscience behind effective coaching, decision making, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication, leadership and more. Half-theory and half-practice, the course focuses on explaining the “why” behind human behaviour and expands the awareness of effective coaching. Rooted in the latest neuroscience perspectives, insights, and ideas will provide coaches with research-based practical tools and techniques immediately applicable.  The course equips qualified coaches with neuroscience knowledge and advanced brain-based tools to better impact human behaviour.

I love the group sessions: we’re learning how wonderfully powerful our brain and how wise and trustworthy our gut are, and at the same time we’re concretely exercising them to make the most of our life.
Marialucia Fuschi – Senior E-commerce Manager at Swarovski UK

Attendees say

  • We had the great pleasure to have Bruna as a contributor to our 2022 Kick-off meeting at Johnson & Johnson MedTech Italia. Not an easy task to virtually manage such a large audience, keeping people engaged and attentive for half a day! I deeply appreciated the communication always evidence and research-based, combined with clear and concrete examples coming from real life. We received much enthusiastic feedback, but I think that the most relevant and meaningful is “Bruna is simply great: she arrives straight to the heart!”

    Simona Braghi, MD, PhD
    Country Medical Director, Education Solutions & Business Compliance Lead at Johnson & Johnson MedTech
  • I had the pleasure of collaborating with Bruna on two webinars designed for senior-level executives who are members of our GatedTalent network.

    Bruna’s difference as a Leadership Coach is her neuroscience-based approach. We gained fascinating insights on how the human brain works, and the importance of this knowledge when considering a successful career change.

    Bruna is a greatly engaging speaker, offering very professional presentations packed with real-life examples and great tips on how to go about what can be stressful transitions.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Bruna as a speaker and coach to any executives looking for a change to a more satisfying career.

    Yann Le Leyour
    Marketing Manager & Event Management at Gated Talent
  • Ketchum (on behalf of Client Samsung UK) engaged Bruna as an external speaker to host an “InspirActional Talk” on how to create a career plan that makes you feel alive at work, followed by a tailored workshop providing attendees the tools to create their short, medium and long-term plans.

    Bruna provided step by step guides on how to organise each objective and work to completion. Bruna’s input to the session was invaluable.

    Attendees commented that Bruna was an engaging speaker & excellent listener offering an insightful session that helped reframe the way they approached their career path and next steps. 

     We will continue to work with Bruna whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you!

    Natalia Buggs
    Events & Project Manager at Ketchum
  • Bruna has masterfully led an organization of over 800 employees through a concrete journey to discover their potential and their mind, with patience, stubbornness, delicacy, and empathy. Through an enriching study and a sincere confrontation, she has grasped the communication needs and transformed them into real insights from which she has obtained an effective and motivating “performance”. Feedback on her interventions were enthusiastic, confirming her great quality and professionalism.

    Carlotta Zuliani
    Communication and Public Affairs Manager, Johnson & Johnson
  • Bruna led a thoroughly interesting and engaging session that gave me a lot to think about. I enjoyed listening to her speak and her valuable experience to help challenge my thoughts and ideas about my career goals. Bruna is an excellent speaker and was extremely supportive after the session in answering any questions I might have. Thank you again for your support, Bruna.

    Georgina Wolfson
    Senior Brand Marcomms Manager at Samsung
  • Congratulations Bruna!!! It was a highly motivational session with a completely new approach that revolves around the human brain; so complex but also so amazing!! Your contagious energy, combined with an evidence-based approach to work and personal life, is a precious gift I will carry with me and honour throughout my career path!

    Arianna Biagi
    Competitive Tender Process PMO presso Johnson & Johnson
  • “Breakthrought Starts Now” has made a significant difference in my life. I love the webinar series and I’m really looking forward to the next one on Saturday morning.

    It isn’t just the new knowledge for mental health or for the new tools, it’s a new knowledge for ourselves, for our inner-side, for our emotions. During the webinar series, we built a safe environment where we share our thoughts and reflections with much support and no judgement.

    I really fell in love with Bruna, with her energy and with her vivid empowerment. She leads us to reach the next level of our journey in happiness and fulfilment. I’m leaving the webinar sessions with a list of questions for myself and powerful tools on how to manage my personal and professional opportunities.

    In the end, I’m so energized, full with the ideas and new inspirations and really grateful to be part of these webinar series. Big thank you, Bruna, for all your efforts and your passion.

    Rayna Stankova
    Software Engineer at VMware and Director at Women Who Code in Sofia
  • Through my work I came in contact with Bruna and participated in some amazing group sessions during the first lockdown of Covid 19 in 2020.

    Bruna is one of those people who somehow stays with you and in your mind, and you keep on reflecting on the insights she helped you to identify.

    Bruna’s approach, the tools she introduced, her patience when taking you through the processes, and the deep insights in how to change behaviour and deal with all kind of obstacles, leave you with a warm feeling and thrust that you can accomplish and overcome every challenge you may see in life.

    Thank you Bruna, I’m so grateful to have met you.

    Malene Thomsen
    Facility Support Manager at Facebook
  • First of all, Bruna is super friendly and funny. Our class was about “Fundamental Techniques for Influencing Others”, where I learned amazing new things about the brain and how it works. We started by thinking and sharing opinions altogether (instead of just sharing many boring texts). By the end of the class, I knew physiologically the why and consciously how to put learning into practice. I definitely recommend Bruna as a trainer! With her teaching techniques, you will learn and participate quickly and actively. She is very clever and has wide knowledge, which is a perfect combo for me. Very proud to learn from an amazing woman like Bruna.

    Solange Edery
  • After a 3-hour Zoom course of “Fundamental Techniques of Influencing Others” with Bruna, I was exhilarated and felt that everything we discussed was crystal clear to me. Bruna managed to convey a lot of beneficial information, fun and memorable. The session was enjoyable, communicative and important at the same time. I know that I have learned some serious stuff that I will think about for a very long time.

    Arnon de Botton
  • I am an International Sales Expert, and I attended Bruna’s lecture about “Influencing Techniques”. Bruna caught our attention and got us all intrigued. I believe anyone who hires Bruna will benefit a lot. I got a few vital tools that I will use in my future career. Thanks, Bruna!

    Shai BarEl
    International Sales & Customer Success I Storytelling I Positivity I Motivation I Sustainable Fungi Solutions
  • Bruna is a speaker at Jolt, and I had the pleasure of preparing her for the courses she teaches.

    Bruna does a great job delivering complex ideas from the field of psychology and neuroscience in a very engaging way, resulting in outstanding feedback from our students.

    Bruna is very passionate about the topics she teaches and knows how to motivate her students for learning.

    I highly recommend Bruna for any teaching or speaking events.

    Shlomy Saragossi
    Speaker Development Manager at Jolt
  • I am fond of Bruna’s webinars. In these times of Global and Personal crisis, having a fixed appointment on Saturday gives me something to look forward to, it breaks my routine and leaves me with a baggage of knowledge and questions answered.
    The group of attendees is great, it’s an extremely interactive experience and we all have the time to share our experiences. A laugh is also more than welcome!
    We learn, and EARN, a lot. It’s an appointment I look forward to, and I try to get ready by studying using Bruna’s Free PDFs and reading the books and articles she suggests.
    She is resourceful, brilliant, charming, knowledgeable and smart. The sessions are never the same! Her contribution is vital to me and to many of us.

    Roberta Murroni
    Certified NLP practitioner, Health and Wellness Coach, GpXS trainee
  • I recently attended a coaching session on the career stages of high performing individuals. I found the session fascinating, particularly where Bruna taught about the importance of considering the emotional impact of work.

    I hadn’t considered before the importance of clarifying what you expect to get emotionally from a role and then using this knowledge in your role selection to ensure fulfilment. It was really eye-opening for me personally and has definitely made me rethink my approach to work.

    After the class, I had some further questions, more specific to my personal situation. Bruna was kind enough to meet virtually again with me and the one to one coaching she gave me has led to positive changes in my own life already.

    As a tutor, Bruna is dynamic and engaging and her positivity and outlook are contagious. Thanks, Bruna!

    Olivia Presland
    Operations Manager at Zentura Ltd
  • I recently had the pleasure of bringing Bruna onto our delivery team for one of our P.O.W.E.R. in leadership workshops.

    Bruna was engaging and entertaining, bringing her unique presence and style into this event. Her talk on “bringing who you are into what you do” was definitely a highlight, and every one of the attendees gained new insights from Bruna’s session.

    Bruna is authentic, articulate and incredibly insightful and will definitely be a key member of our delivery teams moving forward!

    If you are looking for a speaker, facilitator or coach who can truly make a difference, Bruna is one of the best I worked with!

    Bret Freeman
    Business Psychologist, Executive Leadership Coach and Master Trainer
  • Bruna is a great storyteller.

    When I was organising TedxUniversityOfManchester 2018, I chose her as one of the speakers as the passion and enthusiasm in her speech was utterly brilliant.

    I think Bruna knows very well about the balance of emotions and details in storytelling and making listeners able to gain fulfilment through mutually supportive interactions.

    Kevin Gunan Shang, BSc, PhD
    Organiser of TEDx University of Manchester
  • It was a great talk, very practical.

    Bruna is very enthusiastic and she managed to open up my eyes in a lot of ways.

    Since then I am much more enthusiastic and positive about my future career.

    Györgyi Szombati
  • Bruna is very professional and I appreciated her sincerity when sharing her own experience. She was attentive to everyone, her smile and positive energy were communicative.

    I found that she delivered her talk in a clear, simple, structured and, as a result, a quite powerful way. She paid attention to people’s reactions and at the end devoted some extra time to meeting everyone of us and answering our questions.

    Whether or not you are thinking of changing career, it is refreshing talk for anyone who struggles to find a work/personal life balance, feels something may be missing in their lives or simply feels a bit lost, a bit out of touch with themselves.

    You will leave re-energised and wanting to offer – as well – what you can do best.. what resonates with your soul…or, if you don’t know what that is, to be a bit more curious about yourself.

    Morgane Lapeyre
  • Brilliant! She is such a charismatic and energetic person that she’s really easy to listen to.

    This is not your average careers talk- it’s about finding what makes your soul sing- so it’s a creative and spiritual process!

    Bruna is an open, warm, fun person who is clearly passionate about what she does and I’m really keen to work with her again.

    Thank you.

    Gaynor Smith
    Creative Curator at City Lions
  • Your workshop was excellent and it helped me when you shared your personal story and journey.

    You have opened my mind to possibilities and that I can break free from any stagnation or cycle of unfulfillment. How you explained how we should handle our fears was great.

    Thanks for listening and making me feel understood[…] I see myself flying now and doing what fulfills me in life and destiny.

    I’m grateful our paths have crossed. You are one in a million.

    Raphael Samuels
  • I attended Bruna’s workshop and it helped me to clarify the steps I need to take to move on towards my goals.

    Bruna awakened my needs and dreams, and I left the workshop highly inspired. Bruna connected on such an emotional level! it was great to listen to her, her story and her advice.

    Now I want to keep working in this direction!

    Luca Marengo
  • I highly recommend this webinar series.

    These webinars are relevant and fantastic for helping you make sense of the current Coronavirus situation and also how to realise your true & full potential.

    Bruna briefly explains the science behind the thinking & then gives the group tips & techniques on how to raise your self-esteem, de-stress, and how to create a vision for your future.
    I have recommended Bruna to lots of my friends already. Don’t hesitate to sign up!

    Ailsa Bannerman
  • I’ll start by saying that Bruna De Palo is gifted and also very dedicated, and it’s noticeable she worked hard to get to where she is right now.

    I’m sure that it won’t stop her from climbing higher and higher.
    I took a 3 hours class with her, everyone in the class felt as I can’t say and more, because in my case the impression I received is still with me, for days already.

    I feel inspired and I wish myself to have slight of her talent because all that she does is more or less what I want to do.

    So thank you for a great lesson, literally. All the best to one of the best.

    Daniel Benayoun
  • Bruna is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker.

    I liked her transparency and all the insights she brought into the talk. Feeling a bit confused about my future career plans, I attended her talk in June 17, hoping to get some answers.

    Bruna showed me how to see things from a different angle and change my perspective on career goals/opinions. It gave me some highlights about how to approach some situations, doubts, confusion… and the right questions to ask myself to find the answers.

    Those career coaching tips I received can be also applied to your personal life. Very satisfied. I will definitely attend again.

    Sarah Heissat
    SEO Account Manager at OMD UK
  • I attended Bruna’s workshop […] and I had the chance to speak to her, she is the kind of person who makes you feel this is not the first time you met, but you actually know each other.

    She listens to you without judging and she is asking you the right questions.

    I’m glad I met Bruna and hope to meet her again in the future.

    Dora Korsos
  • I am definitely impressed by these webinars, the last topic about visualisation was incredibly inspiring, Bruna has a different approach, she doesn’t simply give you strategies (like a plan, resolutions, etc) but she helps you to focus differently, and much deeper.

    The online interaction during the webinars makes them much more active and instead of simply listening, you respond in an active way, supported by the ‘buddy system’ which is essentially being paired with someone who acts like a coach and follows you after the webinars (and you do the same with your buddy!)

    Heléna Antonio
  • Bruna facilitated our career-focused panel discussion with great vivacity and charm.

    Her passion for life and expertise within the charity sector was particularly engaging and she gave great, inspirational advice to our students.

    Bruna was a great Chair keeping the discussion on track, however, I can see that she would be an excellent keynote or workshop lead given her natural ability to connect with the audience and wealth of advice to share.

    Lucy Brookes
    External Engagement and Placement Learning at University of York
  • The IoF Scotland have recruited Bruna as a speaker for the Sottish Fundraising Conference in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

    Bruna is very professional from the outset and is very proactive submitting all the required information ahead of time.
    As a speaker, Bruna is always well received from our delegates and always scores highly in our feedback analysis. Scoring higher than 4/5 each time. Our delegates find Bruna Inspirational and motivating when speaking within our personal development track.
    We look forward to working with Bruna again at future conferences.

    Emily Walker
    Head of Events at Conference Care Ltd
  • “Engaging, passionate, fun, motivational and fantastic” are all words used by students to describe Bruna’s session for us.

    Her warmth and genuine enthusiasm for her work make her a pleasure to work with and we look forward to furthering projects in the future.

    Sian Pickard
    Senior Careers and Employability Manager at University of Bedfordshire
  • Bruna was great to work with in setting up the day’s workshop and provided a very thorough and detailed workshop which all the young people present got a lot out of.

    What was particularly great was Bruna’s knowledge in this area and her ability to make you think differently about things in a really positive and constructive way.

    Bruna is very responsive, always looking to reach any group or individuals she is working with and that made the day’s workshop really valuable.

    Peter Ambler
  • Bruna facilitated an excellent talk on working in the charity sector as part of our recent Employability Festival here at the University of Kent. She discussed working in the sector- both the positives and the challenges and provided students with practical exercises to help them in their career thinking and planning. I would be happy to have her on campus working with our students again.

    Gemma Witts
    Lecturer in Careers and Employability at Kent Business School
  • Bruna provided great value to our Open Days, giving our students tools to find the right career path for them based on their values, principals and personal-mission.

    The workshop was full of interactive activities and tasks that they were able to take home and evaluate on their own – a well-thought-out workshop and encouraging speaker with great experience in her field.

    Thank you for helping us make our Open Days a success!

    Katherine Florez Serna
    Employability Manager at Arden University
  • Starting the sessions at the beginning of the lockdown has made a huge difference to how I have coped.

    I felt the pressure of using this time to achieve all those things I had only daydreamed about, which of course became its own debilitating pressure.

    Bruna has so much energy and positivity. The exercises and practical tools have enabled me to focus on how to move forward and trust myself when identifying opportunities. There isn’t a day goes past when I do not refer to something she has taught me.

    I have become less critical and a more forgiving human as an unexpected bonus!

    Diane Tye
    Business Application Developer at St. George's University of London
  • I love the Breakthrough Starts Now group sessions because they really provide an insight into our own capabilities, skills, and many other aspects of ourselves of which we were not aware of previously.
    They really make this lockdown-time a self-discovery time, equipping us with self-confidence in achieving our best potential.
    I would certainly recommend it to others because it is a bit like attending life-coaching sessions but in a group setting, which amplifies the ideas and opens the eyes for possibilities even more.
    Furthermore, I feel that these group sessions also enable us to go through these challenging time with enthusiasm and determination and all this within a community atmosphere.
    Thank you, Bruna!

    Krisztina Baumann
    Wellness Coach at Wimbledon Healing
  • This is the eighth testimonial about our group coaching sessions, so it’s really difficult to find something new to say. I’ll use an image to express myself: I see these sessions as hooks that bring out. Each sharp tip may hurt you but change may come through pain. Sometimes you really need help to bring out the best in you.

    Well done, Bruna, fantastic hook!

    Elena Ottaviani
    English Teacher and Writer

Approach: With a blend of empathy and positive energy, I leverage my learners’ brain and body functionalities so that they will listen, learn, reflect and turn the new concepts into practical, immediate actions in their daily lives.

As a multi-language facilitator, I deliver science-based training to multi-cultural groups enhancing inclusion and participation, turning unmotivated learners into advocates for change.

Style: Often praised for inspiring and empowering executives and newly appointed leaders, I carefully mix solid theory, a healthy sense of humour and emotional intelligence to connect with all my learners and make them work.

All my speeches and training turn scientific and inspiring concepts into concrete actions the audience can implement straightaway.

I treasure your privacy, rest assured your data are in good hands.