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impress your Team members: Choose a gift that makes a difference in their life!

Here's a Christmas Gift that is a win-win-win (for your team member, for you as a leader, and for your company as a whole). Treat them to a Coaching Gift Voucher for PERSONAL USE that will make them feel seen, valued, supported.

  • 90-minute Coaching Session and a 20-minute Accountability Call 
  • The perfect gift for a human-centric company
  • Quick & easy: you get it now, they book when they're ready

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Bruna is a wonderful career coach. Her ability to lead you to the moment of revelation is impressive. Her knowledge and guidance with the tasks, and the information she provided, helped me positively self-reflect. I am now moving forward in my life with confidence.

Regina Crockett – Accounting Manager at Richmond International Airport

Treat them with a gift that makes the difference in their life.

The coaching sessions with Bruna has been a wonderful experience. Her passion for neuroscience, combined with broad psychological knowledge, make her method powerful yet incredibly practical. I left the session feeling energized and having a clear plan for the next steps towards my goal. I understood more about myself and got free from some of my limiting thought patterns and habits.

Magdalena Brzezinska
Team Lead Brand Marketing

The Coaching Gift Voucher


Anyone who deserves a treat: your team members, your clients, your partners or anyone you want to impress with a heartfelt, meaningful, exclusive gift. 


This Gift Coaching Voucher includes a 90-minute Coaching Call, a Premium Workbook and a 20-minute Accountability Call, customised brain-based tools and techniques. 


They'll benefit from a rich set of practical ideas and neuroscience-based tools to help them reach a breakthrough in their life and build a better future. 


They deserve to be recognised at a deeper, human level. This gift will encourage them to bring more of who they are into what they do and feel alive at work. 



Help yourself to go into 2024 with a happy and supported team!

it's A Unique Experience Gift For Men And Women Designed To:

  • increase their confidence
  • build a more balanced life
  • improve relationships
  • be more present
  • navigate important changes
  • boost wellbeing
  • turn stuckness into movement


They're in great hands

Equipped with 2,100+ coaching hours experience, Bruna De Palo is the 2022 winner of the SME Award for the Most Innovative Science-Based Coaching and Training Approach. Awarded 'Platinum Coach' status by the biggest coaching organisation in the world, Bruna is the founder of Think and Act differently Ltd and works with clients worldwide in English and Italian.

Bruna De Palo - Neuroscience-based Leadership, Executive and Career Coach, PCC

How it works

It's super easy and practical: 1 click to buy it, 1 click to forward it. No hussles!


Buy it

You’ll receive an email with the Gift Coaching Voucher and Gift Coaching Sheet.


Forward it

Share it with your recipient so they can book their session when they're ready.


Enjoy the impact

Watch their greatness unfold in their daily life, celebrate their achievements.

The Gift Coaching Voucher

  • The Gift Coaching Voucher: valid for a 90-minute Coaching Session and a 20-minute Accountability Call. Find fun ways to share it with them!

Print it.

The Gift Coaching  Sheet

  • The Gift Coaching Sheet is a PDF file with all the information they need to appreciate what this gift is about, and the link to book their session.

make an impact that lasts

Make them feel seen


Your desire to treat them to a gift that makes a difference in their life is wonderful. Were there more leaders like you, the world would be a much better place. Your gift will undoubtedly impact their life and thus have a positive impact on their future. That's how we build a positive, long-lasting leadership legacy.

Thank You for making someone's life better with a thoughtful gift. 


For how long is the coaching voucher valid?

They can book their session within 6 months from the day of the purchase. They can find this and more information about the Gift Coaching Voucher on the Coaching Sheet you will forward them. You'll receive it right after the purchase in your inbox along with the voucher itself.

What does it mean when you say you're a neuroscience-based coach?

It means that I focus on applied neuroscience to help my clients understand how their brain works so they can use it optimally.

Knowing how your brain works is vital to take real control of your life, your emotions, your behaviour and also key to understand other people's behaviour.
Clients say that it's like receiving a (long-overdue) brain instructions manual!

When and how can they book their coaching session?

They can book anytime through the link they'll find on the Coaching Sheet that you will receive via email right after buying the voucher. On the Coaching Sheet, they'll find all the information needed to make the most of your gift. The Coaching Gift Voucher will be valid for 6 months from the date of the purchase. 

what can this voucher be used for?

Usually clients buy this Coaching Voucher for their team members as a form of reward for their outstanding behaviour, or to help them navigate a particular time in their life such as a big change or a new beginning. Organisations usually buy it to make their employees feel supported on a personal level, not just at work.

Typical coaching goals include (but not limted to): improving confidence and assertiveness; building stronger boundaries; ensuring balance, emotional regulation and so on.

What if they love it so much and want to have more sessions with you?

As it often happens, when people feel the benefit of my neuroscience-based coaching, they don't want to stop! They learn about themselves and grow so much that they want more. Generally I offer them a discount if they want to continue on their own, if instead you as their boss want to support them for a longer journey get in touch to discuss the details:

Save money, get a bundle!


  • £375 per voucher
  • £355 for 10+ vouchers
  • £325 for 25+ vouchers

The Gift Coaching Voucher includes:

  • 90′ Neuroscience-based Coaching Session via Video Call
  • Premium Workbook to guide them towards their breakthrough
  • A 20-minute Accountability Call after 2 weeks to keep them on track and lay out their next steps
  • Customised brain tools & techniques to help them move forward and drive progress

Terms & Conditions

The Coaching Gift Voucher is valid up to 6 months from the date of the purchase (the recipient have up to 3 months to book their online session). They can book it via the link included in the Coaching Gift Sheet (sessions are subject to coach's availability which can be seen from the booking system).

We offer secure payment by credit card via Stripe.

If you have special needs, book a call with us!

Any burning questions?
Just ask.

I always reply within 48 hours. 

 Working with her has been one of the best decisions I made. She really helps you to connect with your feelings, your unique gifts, strengths – and working with her has given me confidence and a compass for making decisions that are right for me. 

Malcolm Davidson

The exercises and practical tools have enabled me to focus on how to move forward and trust myself when identifying opportunities. There isn’t a day that goes past when I do not refer to something she has taught me. I have become less critical and a more forgiving human as an unexpected bonus!

Diane Tye

Bruna’s coaching methodology is very effective, it’s impressive with how much passion and deep empathy she can easily win the trust of the client and fully understand them, her professionalism and competence have a massive impact on the results, which are quick and glaring. Bruna allowed me to achieve the goals I wanted with more than excellent results.

Pierfrancesco Costantini

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