My TEDx Talk on Career Change

TED Bring who you are into what you do
Why so many people are unfulfilled at work?

When I’ve been invited to give a talk at TEDx University of Manchester, I knew my career change experience was similar to thousands of others who were stuck exactly as I did, making the same mistakes and feeling victim of the same fears.

Along my journey, I realised we’ve turned ourselves into Human Doings and that the only way to reach fulfilment at work is by honouring our nature of Human Being first. What was missing, though, was a mental framework that would give people clues on how to find a career path that would make them feel alive, so I created the Bring who you are into what you docareer change coaching programme. My career change framework has helped over a hundred people change their career by bringing who they are into what they do. Because fulfilment is not about what you do, is about how you feel about what you do.

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In this TEDx Talk you'll hear about:
  • My story: what kept me stuck for so long
  • You are like a Ferrari: discover all your 7 gears
  • Career opportunities you don't even know exist
  • How to bring who you are into what you do

Are you, too, feeling stuck
in the wrong career?

A Career Change is a liberating journey that brings YOU back to life. But you have to know how to do it, or it will turn into an endless tunnel. Learn how to change your career and bring who you are into what you do with the Change Your Career Programme.

Fulfilment is not about what you do…
is about how you feel about what you do“.
Bruna De Palo

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