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Inspiration is necessary, but without actions it won’t lead anywhere. I'm an expert at turning inspiring concepts into actionable strategies.

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Feeling Alive At Work | Human Leadership | How The Brain Works

Feeling Alive At Work

How To HELP YOUR TEAM members feel alive at work and thrive

Do your employees feel fulfilled, alive and energized at work? If not, your organisation cannot perform at its best. This InspirActional Talk brings to life some neuroscience-based models that prove how feeling alive at work is tied with high performance and how to help your employees make career plans that ensure their feel alive, fulfilled, energized and perform at their best.

Human Leadership

How To EVOLVE From Business Leadership To Human Leadership

The business world has long realised that profit is strictly related to huma emotions, therefore leadership need to step up and move from an old Business Leadership style to a more Human Leadership attitude that really puts people at the centre. This InspirActional Talk helps new and established leaders make the transition and create psychologically safe environments. 

How the brain works

HOW TO MAKE THE CORRECT USE OF YOUR BRAIN to create a conscious business

Leaders who understand how their and their team members' brain works have a distinctive advantage in life and career. This InspirActional Talk shows how the brain works in the most common cases and create a common consciousness and language that every team then uses to create better relationships, higher impact and, most importantly, more inclusive environments.


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