Neuroscience-based training that keeps everyone engaged and focused

Most innovative science-based coaching and training approach

Masterclasses - applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills For Leaders

Applied neuroscience masterclasses to train your organisations' leaders so that they understand how the brain works can make a better impact. 

The Leadership programme: Turning managers into leaders

Help your organisations' leaders create psychologically safe environments where the team can flourish. Help them develop Human Leadership.

High Retention Neuroscience-based bespoke training 

Companies usually hire me to train their employees in areas such as effective communication, leadership and many related topics.

Applied Neuroscience - Advanced Skills for Coaches

An ICF accredited 6-day, experiential programme for coaches that teaches the neuroscience behind human behaviour and coaching. 


My approach focuses on two aspects:

Leverage how the brain works ensuring high engagement and retention

Explains every concept in relation to how the brain works at work and in life

available for Training | Masterclasses | Guest-Lectures
In English and Italian


Bruna De Palo, PCC

neuroscience-based trainer and facilitator

With the brain in mind, I design and deliver high retention training that help leaders optimise their brain functions and inspire their workforce, including:

  • How to move from Business Leadership to Human Leadership
  • Optimising the brain functions to create a conscious business
  • Re-engage employees by helping them bring who they are into what they do

A multilingual trainer*, I am known for naturally blending neuroscientific concepts into humorous storytelling that captures attention, prompts action and makes change happen. Strengthened by my experience as an Italian living in London, my training and facilitation style enhance inclusion and participation, turning unmotivated learners into advocates for change, particularly in multi-cultural groups. 

*English and Italian

It’s not an understatement to say that my work with Bruna was life-changing. I was immediately impressed with her science-based approach to helping me understand how my brain functions and how this was keeping me stuck in my career.

Matthew Ekroth – Executive Director at Morgan Stanley & Co.

training topics

  • Make brilliant decisions under pressure
  • Improve how you think, interpret and react in challenging situations
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and spark creativity
  • Develop your own charisma and executive presence
  • Empower and inspire your team
  • Be a more effective decision-maker
  • Change unconstructive behaviours
  • Use your intuitive intelligence as a conduit for progress
  • Resolve conflicts constructively
  • Improve your public speaking skills and get the audience on your side
  • Lead virtual teams effectively
  • Developing executive presence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Behavioural change
  • Growth mindset
  • Effective Communication
  • Resolve conflicts constructively
  • Public speaking
  • Developing resilience
  • Mental agility
  • Creative problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Navigating uncertainty
  • Developing a career plan that makes you feel alive
  • How to bring who you are into what you do at work
  • Transiting to a higher role
  • Building an effective personal brand
  • Using LinkedIn to increase exposure
  • CV and Interviewing skills
  • Finding the ideal path and change career
  • How to bring who you are into what you do

for corporate - empowering leaders

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"Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Leaders"

Check out the neuroscience-based masterclass I'm running for top brand to help leaders navigate uncertainty, volatility, crisis, conflicts and more!

Learn about my Training Course:

"Applied Neuroscience - Advanced Skills for Coaches

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My ICF accredited 6-day, experiential course “Applied Neuroscience: Advanced Skills for Coaches” created for the global coaching academy “Animas Centre for Coaching” it’s a highly interactive programme that teaches coaches the neuroscience behind effective coaching, decision making, emotional intelligence, productivity, communication, leadership and more. Half-theory and half-practice, the course focuses on explaining the “why” behind human behaviour and expands the awareness of effective coaching. Rooted in the latest neuroscience perspectives, insights, and ideas will provide coaches with research-based practical tools and techniques immediately applicable.  The course equips qualified coaches with neuroscience knowledge and advanced brain-based tools to better impact human behaviour.

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