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The Programme: Turning Managers Into Leaders

Most innovative science-based coaching and training approach

Bruna provided a scientific and methodical approach to building out my and my team's goals and helped me develop techniques in delivering feedback in a constructive and effective manner. She helped me build out my own value structure, goals and professional and personal compass and mapped on to those neuroscientific elements on how people feel, react and gain insights in certain situations. She's also awesome and that helped too! 

Alex Lambert – Senior SE Manager - UKI Enterprise Accounts - Snowflake

the Programme: Turning Managers Into Leaders

The neuroscience-based training, hands-on programme “Turning Managers Into Leaders” pivoted on Human Leadership versus the obsolete business leadership style. Aiming to develop more conscious businesses, it empowers managers with the level of consciousness necessary to succeed in a people-focused business world.

Purpose and approach: HUMAN LEADERSHIP
During the programme, managers learn how to become effective leaders, spark creativity, inspire new ways of thinking and remove blocks that keep them and their team members stuck. Rooted in the latest findings in neuroscience, the programme provides research-based tools, frameworks and techniques to lead fearlessly and authentically. The Programme includes:

Group programme


One-on-one Coaching


Shadow Coaching


The Programme

It is ideal for organisations that want to maximise time and investment while creating a culture based on Human Leadership, equipping their leaders with all they need to succeed, grow and empower their team members. Amongst other vital topics they will learn:

  • Lead, Inspire & Empower people instead of managing them
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence and spark creativity
  • Use Intuitive Intelligence as a conduit for progress
  • Make Brilliant Decisions Under Pressure
  • Handle Conflicts constructively
  • Overcome the Impostor Syndrome and solidify confidence
  • Improve Public Speaking skills and personal impact
  • Think Strategically and communicate effectively
  • Develop Effective Communication And Provide Empowering Feedback
  • Create a Diverse and Inclusive Team

Most common benefits past learners reported:

  • Feeling more balanced
  • Develop growth Mindset
  • Happier family as they become more pleasant to be around
  • better relationship with their family
  • sense of alignment with their true-self and fulfilment
  • Positively impact their team
  • move to a career that makes them feel alive
  • be more in control of their behaviour
  • regulate their emotions
  • make an impact through their job
  • get 100% clarity about their next career chapter
  • better understanding of human behaviour (theirs and others)
  • communicate more effectively
  • control their fears and trust their intution more


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After a 3-hour Zoom course of “Fundamental Techniques of Influencing Others” with Bruna, I was exhilarated and felt that everything we discussed was crystal clear to me. Bruna managed to convey a lot of beneficial information, fun and memorable. The session was enjoyable, communicative and important at the same time. I know that I have learned some serious stuff that I will think about for a very long time.

Arnon De Botton

sales development representative
of globaldots

The exercises and practical tools have enabled me to focus on how to move forward and trust myself when identifying opportunities. There isn’t a day that goes past when I do not refer to something she has taught me. I have become less critical and a more forgiving human as an unexpected bonus!

Diane Tye

Business Applications Developer at
St George's, University of London

First of all, Bruna is super friendly and funny. In outr class I learned amazing new things about the brain and how it works. We started by thinking and sharing opinions altogether. By the end of the class, I knew physiologically the why and consciously how to put learning into practice. I definitely recommend Bruna as a trainer! With her teaching techniques, you will learn and participate quickly and actively. She is very clever and has wide knowledge, which is a perfect combo for me. Very proud to learn from an amazing woman like Brun

Solange Edery

Client experience specialist

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