Emotional vocabulary

How many emotions are you able to feel? Generally, those that come to mind when we need to describe our state are just a few, such as happiness, joy, sadness and anger. Yet, there’s a huge range of emotions that we’re able to feel and by labelling them correctly, we ensure we take the most appropriate actions and/or communicate the right feeling to others.

Here’s a list to help you build your Emotional Vocabulary and therefore your knowledge of yourself, at any moment.

Enjoy it!


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Career Change
Abhorrence Absorbed Acceptance Aching Admiration Adoration
Adrift Affection Afraid Aggravated Agitated Agony
Alarm Alert Alienated Alive Alone Amazed
Amused Anger Angst Animated Animosity Annoyed
Antagonistic Anticipation Antipathy Anxiety Apathetic Apologetic
Appalled Appreciative Apprehensive Ardor Arousal Astonishment
Astounded Attachment Attraction Aversion Awe Awkward
Betrayed Bewildered Bitter Blessed Bold Boredom
Bothered Brave Breathless Bubbly Buoyant Burning
Calm Captivated Carefree Caring Cautious Certain
Challenged Cheerful Choked Choleric Clueless Cold
Comfortable Commiseration Committed Compassionate Complacent Composed
Concerned Confident Conflicted Confused Consternation Contemplative
Contentment Contrition Cordial Courage Cowardly Crafty
Craving Cross Cruel Crushed Curious Cynical
Defeated Dejection Delectation Delighted Delirious Denial
Derisive Desire Desolation Despair Despondent Detached
Determined Detestation Devastated Devotion Disappointed Disbelief
Disdain Disgust Disillusioned Disinterested Dismay Distaste
Distracted Distress Disturbed Doleful Doubtful Down
Downcast Drained Dread Dubious Eager Earnest
Ease Ecstatic Edgy Elated Embarrassment Empathic
Empty Enchantment Energetic Engrossed Enjoyment Enlightenment
Entertainment Enthralled Enthusiasm Envy Euphoria Exasperated
Excitement Excluded Exhausted Exhilaration Expectant Exuberant
Fanatical Fascinated Fatigued Feisty Fervor Floored
Fondness Foolish Fortunate Free Fretful Frightened
Frustrated Fulfilled Furious Genial Glad Gloomy
Goofy Grateful Gratified Greedy Grief Groggy
Guilt Happy Harassed Hatred Heartache Heartbroken
Helpless Hesitant Homesick Hopeful Horrified Hostile
Humiliated Humorous Hurt Hyper Hysterical Impatient
Incensed Indifferent Indignant Infatuated Inferior Inspired
Intense Interested Intimacy Intimidated Intoxicated Intrigued
Introspective Invigorated Irascible Irritated Isolated Jealous
Jovial Joy Jubilant Jumpy Keen Lazy
Left out Lethargic Liberation Light-hearted Liking Lively
Lonely Longing Lost Love Lucky Lust
Mad Meditative Melancholic Merry Mischievous Miserable
Mortified Motivated Mournful Moved Mystified Nasty
Nauseous Needy Nervous Neutral Nostalgic Numb
Obsessed Offended Optimistic Outrage Overwhelmed Pacified
Pain Panic Paranoid Passion Pathetic Peaceful
Perplexed Perturbed Pessimistic Petulant Petrified Phlegmatic
Pity Playful Pleasure Positive Possessive Powerful
Powerless Preoccupied Protective Proud Psyched Pumped
Puzzled Quizzical Rage Rapture Rattled Reassured
Receptive Reflective Regret Relaxed Relief Relish
Reluctance Remorse Repugnance Resentment Resignation Restless
Revolted Sad Sanguine Satisfied Scandalized Secure
Self-Conscious Selfish Sensitive Sensual Serendipitous Serene
Settled Sexy Shaken Shame Sheepish Shock
Shy Sick Silly Sincere Skeptical Sluggish
Smug Snappy Solemn Solicitous Somber Sore
Sorrow Sorry Speechless Spiteful Startled Stirred
Stressed Strong Stung Stunned Stupefied Submissive
Suffering Suffocated Sullen Sunny Superior Sure
Surprised Sympathy Tenderness Tense Terror Testy
Thankful Thirst Thoughtful Thrill Timid Tired
Titillation Tormented Torn Torture Touched Tranquil
Traumatized Trepidation Triumphant Troubled Trust Twitchy
Upbeat Upset Uptight Vehement Vexation Vigilant
Vindication Vindictive Warmth Wary Weak Wonder
Worry Wrath Wretched Yearning Zeal Zest