October 25, 2022 in Premium, Video/Webinar

How To Change Your Career And Feel Alive At Work

Gated Talent Webinar Series: How To Change Your Career And Feel Alive At Work

Description of the webinar: 

With most pandemic restrictions being lifted, more executives are resuming the search for the next step in their career. Thinking of changing careers? This must-attend webinar hosted by neuroscience-based Executive, Leadership and Career Coach Bruna De Palo will help ensure that you look for the right opportunities to match your career strategy. You will find out:

  • What is exactly that makes you feel unfulfilled in your current career.
  • How to stop working as a “human doing” and become a human being at work.
  • Why pursuing passion or happiness at work doesn’t work: choose aliveness instead.
  • What “feeling alive” at work means from a neuroscience perspective and what is its impact on performance and wellbeing.
  • How to find out what career will enhance your sense of aliveness.
  • What steps to take to make the transition to the right career.

Want to learn about people who followed this process and are now feeling happy, fulfilled and alive at work? Watch this webinar: "Career Change Success Stories – How You Can Make It Too"

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