September 4, 2022 in English, Video/Webinar

How to Follow Michelle Obama’s Career Change Path – Part 2

9 to Alive: What we Learned from Michelle Obama’s Career Change - Part 2

Description of the video: 

If you watched part one, you’ll know Michelle Obama left a high-paying job at a top Chicago law firm for a more fulfilling career in non-profit.

But what can you learn from her journey and what actions can you take to secure your dream 9 to Alive career? In this week’s episode, we're inviting you to follow in Michelle Obama's footsteps (as outlined her best-selling book, Becoming). We’ll examine what actions you need to take to find a job that ‘[feels] like destiny’.

Find out how she leveraged her story and perspective to find the perfect career in non-profit – and learn how you can do the same.

If you haven't done it yet, watch part one of this miniseries: What We Learned from Michelle Obama’s Career Change

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