Podcast: The Agile Career

Episode: Turn Your Nine To Five Into Your Nine To Alive

Description of the episode:

In this episode, Bruna de Palo joins me. We talk about changing your nine to five to your nine to alive. We cover mapping your career, finding your ideal role, considering a career in the non-profit sector, and the importance of neuroscience when it comes to your career.Bruna is a certified leadership, executive & career coach, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and founder of Think and Act Differently. Key Takeaways:

  • Don't use your passion as a compass. Create a map to help navigate your career.
  • A good career is one where you can express yourself and be who you are.
  • Know the difference between talents and skills.
  • Speak to people who have similar characteristics to you
  • Find out what career role they are in 'Learn to turn poison into medicine', i.e. make the most from a bad situation.
  • Regulating stress and handling your emotions is important.
  • Use a feedback loop to identify your limiting beliefs.
  • Differentiate your transferable skills from the obvious.#
  • Know yourself, know others.

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