Podcast: Real Confidence by the American Institute of Confidence

Episode: Stop Looking for Purpose & Happiness at Work with Bruna De Palo

Description of the episode:

Stop Looking for Purpose & Happiness at Work with Bruna De Palo. Wait. What? Aren’t we supposed to aspire to do work that gives us purpose and makes us happy? Even if it’s not all the time, at least some of the time? After all, work is where we spend most of our time, effort and energy. No one wants that to be a miserable experience. 

The trouble is, when that misery inspires us to change roles, companies or industries, we go into the new experience with the same expectations that made us want to leave where we were: that the work we do and whom we do it with (and for) will make us happy, give us purpose and, yes, please, the fulfillment we’ve been seeking all our lives. 

Well, stop right there. Because if that’s what you’re looking for, chances are good you’re going to be disappointed once the onboarding honeymoon wears off and you’ll repeat the cycle over and over until you retire. 

So what’s the answer? I’m glad you asked. In this episode of Real Confidence I’m joined by the fabulous Bruna De Palo, a neuro-science based executive and career coach whose own journey to uncover why she felt so dead inside when everything about her job looked good on paper led to some startling discoveries. 

Tune in to our conversation – which nearly brought me to tears – and hear us talk about:

  • Why you can work inside the best corporate culture in the world and still be miserable
  • The reason why basing a career move solely on your skills and expertise is one of the most self-limiting things you can do
  • How the people around you – at work and at home – can be your best career-change tool (and not, we’re not talking about networking or connections); and
  • The number one question to ask yourself that just might lead to the answer to everything

Bruna De Palo, is the founder of Think and Act differently Ltd, which delivers  neuroscience-based executive and career coaching and training. Bruna helps Fortune 100 and 500 leaders convert theoretical frameworks into memorable, brain-based tools and actionable strategies to achieve their goals.

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